What do you get when you Subscribe to us?

On 25th May 2018 a new law will tackle the constant barrage of unwanted emails you receive. Essentially it gives you the ability to opt-in only to those emails you want - using a two-step or "double opt-in" process. This means it impacts suppliers like ourselves who either currently sell to you or wish to engage more fully via email. By subscribing to us, it firstly allows us to check two things: 


  1. if it was really you that requested the information (i.e. someone hasn't added your name to a mailing list without your knowledge) and
  2. that the email address you provided is accurate


Secondly, it also allows us to engage more fully with you to give you the best information at the right time. Clicking on our "Subscribe now!" button means you MAY receive some of the following type of information. It will be hand picked, provided in small bite sized chunks and designed not to overwhelm you:


  • DesignJet Buyers & Consumables Guide - Our Buyers Guide provides useful info such as how many prints you can get from a set of inks, the upgrade path of your current printer and much more. This is a free guide designed to make your life easier and will include exclusive offers! We email this out monthly but if you wish to reduce this to being bi-monthly or quarterly then please email us to let us know.

  • HP Notifications - HP send out notifications from time to time covering your printer or printer model. This includes expirations of manufacturers warranties and Carepacks, HP recalls, End of Life Notifications, End of Service Life Notifications, Ink End of Life notification etc. These notifications are few and far between - once every 3-5 years, but we will notify you so you can have contingency plans in place. If you have not provided us with sufficient information to recognise your printer series, then you will not receive this information.

  • General Information and Notifications - we will send out general information to you from time to time which we feel is helpful and which relates specifically to the printer(s) that we have listed on our records for you or specifically to the consumables that you have previously purchased from us. We may send you information about (for example) new technologically advanced media which can separate you from your competitors and enhance your output or reduce your ink costs (some papers allow the printer to use less ink). If you have not provided us with sufficient information to recognise your printer series and/or have not purchased from us previously, then you will not receive this information.
  • Responding to your Orders, Quotes, Requests for Information or Advice  - if you have placed an order, this allows us to confirm your order initially, then provide delivery notification details, flag any future changes to product availability, advise when the product is in constraint or where there are very low stock levels across the UK (to allow you to purchase 'just in time'), advise you of any changes to the product ...and much more.  If you have requested a quote, info or advice then we'd like the ability to follow up with you via email to check you have all that you need, ensure there are no changes to your requirements or advise you of any favourable price fluctuations (e.g. if HP Distribution suddenly notified us of a price drop on this product, then we can let you know etc..). If you aren't subscribed to our mailings, then the new law next year appears to indicate we can only follow up by phone which makes our ability to help you less efficient. We are a small company and don't have sufficient resources to be able to call everyone so you may lose out on the best deals or advice we have available.  

  • Accounts info - All invoices and payment reminders will be sent to you as a natural course of doing business with us and you do not need to subscribe to us to receive this information. However if you wish to receive Statements then this is extra information is really additional to the core requirements of being invoiced for work - so you would need to subscribe in order to receive this. Also, from time to time, we'd like to confirm the details that we hold for you are correct and we prefer to do this via email. If you aren't subscribed and you haven't notified us of any changes, then it's likely invoices will be emailed to the wrong address (resulting in you falling into arrears and losing your credit status) or details such as your address will be incorrect or out of date. If you have not purchased from us, then you will not receive this information. 
  • Support Contracts - if you have taken out a Support Contract then unless you are auto-renewing your contract, we would strongly recommend subscribing with us. This is because we need to let you know when your contract is about to expire so you don't experience loss of cover. If you have a breakdown following expiration of your contract and have forgotten to renew then parts required and time on site are billable. We will also utilise your subscription to provide you with a helpful reminder about booking in your Annual Service Visit (if you have paid for a Support Plus contract) and we'll email you to reconfirm our engineer is attending site with a reminder on the day. This reminder ensures that you don't forget the visit because a wasted callout is a billable callout if our engineer attends site but is unable to gain access. Due to the new law coming out in 2018, if you're not subscribed and have a Support Contract with us, then we will be unable to send you our normal helpful email reminders throughout the contract duration - so you will need to set your own recalls manually. If you do not have a Support Contract with us, then you will not receive these emails.

If you later change your mind about receiving emails from us, then you can 'opt out' at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each and every single email we send to you. Alternatively if you want to opt-in to specific types of emails, then please let us know which ones above are of interest to you, as we'll be happy to accommodate.


How does "double opt-in" work?

"Double opt in" means that you initially gave us your email address for something. However we don't know that it was really you who entered your details onto our website or who telephoned requesting info - perhaps with a false email address. The "double opt-in" process allows us to confirm that you are a bonefide person (not a robot!) and that you really have asked to receive something from us. This means we'll send you a 'subscribe' email (before you receive anything), asking if you truly requested information from us and checking that the email address you provided to us is correct. Once you click "Subscribe now!" to our emails, it means that you're happy to receive information from us. 


What if I don't want to subscribe? ...what if I just want a quote?

From our point of view it's actually important that we can continue the dialogue beyond giving you the basic quote. You can unsubscribe at any time but it means that we can email you if HP suddenly give us a price drop or if something happens to enable us to give you a better deal (e.g. a new product announcement might provide a better fit for your business). We couldn't guarantee you'd get this information in time via telephone. If you opted-in until your decision to purchase was made and then opted out this would be a far easier process to manage and be more beneficial to you. 


I don't remember opting into something recently - so why did I receive an email? 

We are now in the process of vetting our entire 27,000 strong database and asking everyone to "Double Opt-In" if they wish to continue to receive communications from us. We've never gone overboard on sending emails out to customers - mainly because we get too many emails ourselves from some companies and there is something decidedly spammy about daily or weekly emails. Personally, we'd far rather have a small 2,000-strong base of happy customers who appreciate the occasional 'heads up' about their printers, extra discounts and 'just in time' notifications - rather than have you groan and press the delete button each time. It's also more managable and cheaper for us too! 


So ...since you're currently opted into our mailing list we're going to test how much you really love us and give you a few opportunities over the next 14 months to "double opt-in". Then, come 25th May 2018 we will be removing you from our mailing list entirely if you choose not to "Subscribe now!". So if you like hearing from us from time to time, click on the link. Simple!



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