Ink Discount Scheme



The Ink Discount Scheme is open only to our customers wishing to purchase HP original inks, at vastly reduced prices.  Partnering with HP directly we administer this scheme across the UK. Quite simply it offers you the best buy price for genuine HP Designjet inks. You can't buy any cheaper unless your existing supplier is providing you with grey imports, out of date/out of warranty or counterfeit inks (or selling at a loss!). 


We guarantee that you are buying new, HP genuine ink at the lowest possible price. Simply sign up to a forecasted consumption level (Tier 2 or Tier 3). If you fail to meet the level there are no clawbacks - you just won't be eligible to renew your membership in 6 months time. All inks are despatched same business day for fast next day delivery.  The eligible products include most of the Designjet T and Z series (except the T120 and T520), and the Designjet 4x00/5x00 series only. The process is simple - see below: 



Ink Discount Scheme process - MVC



Simply call 0845 0770 787 or email to get signed up!



  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    Yes,  you will be signing a contract which allows you to purchase your inks at a discounted rate for a 6 month period

  • What am I signing up to exactly?

    You're signing to say that you are a genuine end user (customer) and that the inks are for your sole use (not to be resold). You are also accepting HP's terms which say you may be excluded from the Program if your claim is invalid and may have to reimburse HP if you breach the terms. You are signing up to a consumption 'forecast' for 6 months with the aim of meeting this level.

  • What if I don't manage to order enough ink within the 6 month period?

    Simple. There are absolutely NO clawbacks or penalties if you don't order the minimum number of inks appropriate to your selected tier level by the end of the 6 month period.  HP understand it's difficult to forecast accurately. However should this happen, you won't be eligible to continue on the MVC scheme (or swap down to a lower tier) - so it is far better to choose your tier wisely at the outset.  HP won't make it easy for you to rejoin the programme in the future.

  • I'm a reseller and I'd like this discount for my customers please

    Sorry - these prices are available to end-users only so if you are a reseller you will NOT be eligible to buy at these rates. HP will not move on this (we asked?!).

  • My printer isn't listed - can I have extra discount for my ink please?

    Unfortunately older printer models and T120/T520 customers are not eligible for this scheme - although you can still benefit from genuine HP inks at great prices with fast delivery. Apologies - the parameters are set by HP and we are unable to put you on this programme.

  • I've got several eligible printers - how does that work?

    The ink discount scheme offers 10 different printer categories - see document opposite entitled 'Eligible Designjet Categories'. We can raise a Discount Scheme for each printer category, so if you have multiple machines in the same category you'd receive 1 contract to cover them all, and the total ink purchased would be amalgamated. If you have multiple machines in different categories then you'd need a contract for each printer.

  • Please give me an example!

    Example 1:  Assume you have 2 x T790s and 2 x T610s
    These printers share the same Category.  This category offers a minimum order level of 2 litres (less than 2 sets of ink) to be purchased within a 6 month timeframe across all 4 printers. You would receive 1 contract covering all 4 machines and the total amount of all ink purchased will be added together for you.

  • Can I have another example please?

    Example 2:  Assume you have 1 x T790 and 1 x Z5200
    These printers are in different Categories.  Each category has its own minimum order level - 2 litres (T790) and 4 litres (Z5200) on Tier 2 pricing. This means you would receive 1 contract covering each printer, and you would have to meet the minimum order level for each printer.

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