Terms and Conditions



'RESGB', 'us', 'our', 'we' means HP Plotter, which is the trading name of Resolution (GB) Limited
'Customer', 'you', 'your' means the person buying services or goods from Resolution (GB) Limited trading as HP Plotter
'Contract' means the contract for the supply of the Services or goods formed by RESGB's acceptance of the Customer order
'RRP' means recommended retail price

Headings to the clauses in this Contract are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the construction of this Contract.  This Contract has been divided into two sections that are both written in clear English to help avoid any ambiguities and help ensure a good level of understanding between us.  The two sections are: 

Section 1 - general business terms
Section 2 - specific terms relating to your type of purchase 




1. Information about us


We are HP Plotter, which is the trading name of Resolution (GB) Limited (RESGB), registered in England and Wales Number 3928475, VAT No. GB 733 6101 63. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions we will refer to ourselves as RESGB. Our Registered Office address and postal address for correspondence is: Resolution (GB) Limited, Park Farm, Rectory Road, Oakley, Nr. Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG23 7ED.


2. Our Terms and Conditions of Sale


This page tells you about the Terms and Conditions ("Terms") on which we supply all of our goods or services.  Most of our goods or services are listed on our website http://www.hpplotter.co.uk (our site) although some bespoke goods or services may only be discussed with you over the telephone or via email - or contained within various advertising mediums (such as radio or TV) or printed literature. Please read these Terms carefully before placing an order.  If there is any conflict between these Terms and specific terms of use appearing elsewhere on this site relating to any Goods or Services, then the latter shall prevail.   You should understand that by ordering any of our Goods or Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

All prices provided by Resolution GB Limited (and/or HP Plotter) assumes that you will pay using 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods (being: debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque), for which you will receive a built-in discount. All customers opting to pay outside of the acceptable payment methods will need to cover the appropriate card charges at the rate charged to Resolution GB.

As a buyer you may, from time to time, receive additional discounts or price concessions. Such discounts or price concessions only apply if payment is made by 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods listed above. 


3.  Changes to our Terms


We reserve the right to change our Terms from time to time.  At all times our current Terms can be found on this page.  Your continued use of this site after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms.  You will be subject to these Terms at the time that you order goods from us, unless we notify you of changes to these Terms before we send you the Order Confirmation (in which case we have the right to assume that you have accepted the change to the Terms, unless you notify us to the contrary prior to us or our suppliers despatching the goods to you).  We recommend that you print a copy of these Terms for future reference. If these Terms are not accepted in full, the use of this site must be terminated immediately and any Purchase Orders sent to us for manual processing outside of the online shopping website should be cancelled immediately, unless the new Terms are agreed in writing by a Director of RESGB.  Once an order has been accepted by us, the onus is on the Customer to comply with the Terms outlined herein.


4. Your Terms and Conditions 


We sometimes receive Purchase Orders with Customers Terms and Conditions attached.  While we understand that you might prefer to do business in a particular way with each of your suppliers, we regret that we have neither time nor resources to individually read through every suppliers Terms and Conditions to check whether they coincide and agree fully with our own Terms.  So, to be clear, any Terms outlined by you to us (however so written) will not be read or actioned but be treated as if you have read our Terms set out here, and are happy to purchase from us on this basis.  It will be as if any of your Terms that do not comply with ours have been overwritten to meet and agree with the Terms listed here (even if we have signed your order as being accepted and have returned it back to you - where ordinarily such a signature would mean to you that we have agreed to your Terms and Conditions of business.  Any signatures regarding a confirmation of a purchase by yourselves indicates only that we accept your order and not your Terms (whether this is stated or not).  In all cases our Terms of business will apply and no terms and conditions other than the Terms contained herein shall be binding upon us.  The customer will be deemed to have assented to all Terms contained herein if any order has been placed and accepted by us, or where the contract is verbal if any part of the goods and/or services have been shipped, or where we have sent you a confirmation of order in connection with the said goods and/or services.

In the event that you find our Terms unacceptable in any way, you must contact us first in writing - prior to placing an order - and request an official amendment to our normal Terms of business.  You should outline which Term you require to be changed and provide us with a term that you feel might be acceptable to both parties.  Any new Terms agreed by us must only be authorised by the Managing Director.  On no account may a verbal discussion or written advice from either a RESGB employee or any third party be taken as a valid change to our Terms outlined herein.  


5. How the contract is formed between RESGB and you

You can order goods or Services from us at any time either directly on our website at www.hpplotter.co.uk, by email sales@hpplotter.co.uk or by telephone on 01256783390 (our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - excluding Bank Holidays). Your order constitutes an offer to us to buy Goods or Services. All orders are subject to acceptance by us. Once your order has been accepted it will be processed. The contract between us will be formed once you have placed an order and it has been accepted by us and you receive either an Order Confirmation or a Pro Forma Invoice.

You acknowledge that our Proposal (whether in the final form of a Proforma invoice or invoice, Confirmation of Order, Estimate or Quotation) together with these Terms constitute the entire matter of the Contract and that there are no other representations, warranties, conditions, terms or obligations, whether written or oral, expressed or implied or otherwise which RESGB is held accountable for.  


6.  Proposals, Quotes and Estimates

Quotes for hardware sales expire at the end of each month, consumables quotes expire at the end of each week and all other estimates or quotes expire within 30 days - unless such proposals, quotes or estimates are subsequently revised or confirmed by RESGB in writing or unless an alternative expiration date has been indicated (in the cases of special offers some prices may only be held for a short period of time).  Any form of proposal made by RESGB is subject to alteration or withdrawal without notice and any order arising from a Proposal, Quote or Estimate must first be accepted by RESGB. All proposals, quotes and estimates pre-suppose that you will be making payment by an approved method only - that being by debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque.


7. Non-UK Customers


Our site is only intended for use by people resident in the United Kingdom. While we mainly accept orders from the United Kingdom we can and do supply Worldwide.  There are however a few exceptions to this where Hewlett Packard (HP) require us to sell new HP Designjet printers, HP inks/printheads only to those customers based within the UK to avoid their 'grey import' rules.  By placing an order through our site, you warrant that:

  • you are legally capable of entering into a binding contract; and
  • you are at least 18 years old; and
  • the final destination of any printer, ink or printhead purchased from us will be in the UK 


8. Our expectations of you, the Customer


When ordering from us you undertake to comply with our ordering procedures and the assumption will be made that you are diligently following the guidelines set down by whoever and whomever you are acting on behalf of, in terms of purchasing procedures. We cannot know or understand the purchasing procedures of all companies who order from us, so the onus is on the Customer to make us aware of anything which would delay the ability for RESGB to supply the Goods or Services in a timely manner and/or would delay payment being made to us. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

8.1  Providing valid purchase order numbers, where applicable

where part of your payment process requires the necessity for us to include a valid purchase order number on our invoice, then a valid purchase order number must be provided at time of placing your order and the requirement for this to be included on our invoice highlighted at time of placing your order 

8.2  Application for a credit account

For all credit applications you must complete the application form in full, ensuring that all information provided is accurate.  Most important is the name, contact email address and telephone number of the person responsible for making payments to us.  If this information changes then you are obliged to provide us with the amended details for our records so that we may receive timely payments and can contact you about your account.


8.3  Ordering on-line 

if orders are made online then any discrepancies will be deemed to be the fault of the Customer in terms of invoice address, delivery address, type and quantity of Goods ordered. It is also the Customers responsibility to select how the Goods or Services meet specific requirements. 

Please ensure all required text fields are completed diligently and if you spot on your confirmation of order that you have made any mistakes, please contact us immediately to discuss (e.g. if you have ordered 100 items instead of 10 or provided the wrong delivery address etc...).  In this way we can attempt to stop your order from being shipped, and amend it for you. Ideally you should contact us by telephone within 5 minutes of placing the order. If you have failed to provide a correct delivery address then any costs associated with recovering the Goods or collection and onward delivery to the correct address will be at your expense.  If you have ordered any Goods incorrectly, where Goods have already been despatched, then provided the Goods are unused and all packaging unopened (so that they can be sold in new, unused condition), then you can return the Goods to us.  This shall be at your own expense, and restocking fees will be incurred at either £20.00 or 20% of the RRP (whichever is the greater) including RRP for any free items shipped (these may be free to you but Distribution charge us for the items and also charge a restocking fee for them). Collection costs also charged.   

8.4  Ordering via fax, telephone or email

If orders are made by telephone then you will receive either a Pro Forma Invoice or Order Confirmation email - which you should double check carefully prior to providing us with final approval to proceed.  You must ensure that all details are correct in terms of invoice address, delivery address, type and quantity of Goods ordered, together with any other pertinent information (e.g. "please deliver on Thursday next week as I'm on holiday until then").  This document and your confirmation to proceed with the order then forms the basis of your Contract with us, and all previous correspondence or phone calls relating to the order shall be disregarded.  This ensures that all orders have been accurately translated, recorded or interpreted by us, and then checked by yourself prior to processing.  It is your responsibility to select how the Goods or Services meet your specific requirements although we aim to provide you with free advice to the best of our ability. All confirmations to proceed must be made by 3pm to allow Resolution GB Limited sufficient time to process the order for you on that day - otherwise the order will be processed next working day.

If orders are made by fax or email then this represents your confirmation to proceed with the order and forms the basis of your Contract with us, and all previous correspondence or phone calls relating to the order shall be disregarded.

If you later discover an ordering error then we recommend contacting us immediately so we can stop your order from being shipped and amend it for you.  Ideally you should contact us by telephone within 5 minutes of placing the order.  If you have failed to provide a correct delivery address then any costs associated with recovering the Goods or collection and onward delivery to the correct address will be at your expense.  If you have ordered any Goods incorrectly, where Goods have already been despatched, then provided the Goods are unused and all packaging unopened (so that they can be sold in new, unused condition), then you can return the Goods to us.  This shall be at your own expense, and restocking fees will be incurred at either £20.00 or 20% of the RRP (whichever is the greater) including RRP of any free items shipped (they may be free to you but Distribution charge us for these items and also charge a restocking fee for them). Collection costs also charged.

Where you do not specify a product code on your order and have asked Resolution GB Limited to assess what product you wish to receive (for example "the paper I had once before which was 24 inches wide" or "I just need a black ink for my DesignJet printer" or "I just want a glossy photo paper" or "I just want a 24"/A1 printer) then Resolution GB Limited will make every effort to supply your requested product and match it with known information - however such orders are often open to interpretation and where this happens then it is  easy for mistakes to occur and the wrong item to be purchased. You will be asked to check your order as detailed above. It is important that you undertake sufficient research to ensure the item is correct - e.g. to check past orders yourself to ensure a product match because returns are highest on this type of order where the customer is themselves unsure of what they want. Upon delivery, should your order later be found to be incorrect, then you as the buyer are responsible for asking Resolution GB Limited to proceed with the order and as such you will be asked to pay any return fees covering collection and restocking fees as shown above. This is because the advice and product suggested by Resolution GB Limited were a 'best effort' and are no substitute for a buyer taking time to assess carefully the product that they need, and as such it would be unfair that Resolution GB Limited make a financial loss on such type of order.  

8.5  Where additional documentation is required from us (e.g. photo ID, risk assessment forms etc)

where deliveries of Goods or Services are made to a Customer site which requires photo ID, car registration details, copy of our insurance, copy of our company policies or any other supporting paperwork of any kind (to either be supplied by us in advance and/or carried by our engineers) then you must make us aware of these at least 2 working days beforehand, or 2 days prior to despatch of Goods or Services


8.6  Where hard copy invoices are required

all customers agree to receive invoices, statements or other supporting documentation electronically (via email).  Should a hard copy document be required (e.g. hard copy invoice or statement of account), then an additional charge of £3.50 will be applied for this service.  (This is because we are no longer geared up to posting out hard copies via Royal Mail so it now necessitates a member of staff having to travel by car to the nearest Post Office to purchase stamps and post documents out to you, which takes them off-site for a minimum of 15-30 minutes and incurs both travel costs and postage costs).


9. Prices of Goods or Services 

The price of any Goods or Services will be as shown on the website or as supplied by way of a quotation or estimate. Our site contains a large number of Goods and Services and it is always possible that, despite our best efforts, some prices supplied may be incorrectly listed.  We will normally verify prices as part of our ordering process so that where the Goods or Service's correct price is more than our stated price, we will normally, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before despatching the order, or reject your order and notify you of such rejection.  In all cases, prices quoted exclude VAT and delivery costs and duties and levies of any kind (except where obviously stated as such), so these will be added to the total amount due.  Prices will be quoted and invoiced in UK pounds sterling only.

Prices are liable to change at any time but we will attempt where possible to hold prices once an Order Confirmation has been sent to you.  However we are under no obligation to provide the Goods or Services to you at the lower price if we deem to do so would mean making a financial loss, or if the pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as a mis-pricing. We reserve the right to request cleared funds in advance of processing any order.  This is most usually requested for hardware sales (even if customers have a 30 day business account) or for rentals and repairs (especially if customers do not hold an account with us) since we have been the target of credit card fraud in the past.


9.1  Discounts

Any discount offered by us and shown on our invoice may only be claimed if payment of that invoice is received by us within the time specified on the invoice, which is usually 30 days from date of invoice, and is paid by one of the 5 authorised payment methods - being: debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque.  

10. Delivery


We shall endeavour to inform you of estimated delivery dates when you place an order with us. All dates for the delivery of Goods or Services are best estimates only. All Courier services are subcontracted, so we cannot be held responsible for any delays incurred by any Couriers.  While we shall endeavour to avoid delays, under no circumstances whatsoever will RESGB be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising from delay in the performance of the Contract due to late deliveries. As standard, all Goods are despatched on a next working day delivery (where 'in stock') and shall arrive at the delivery address between 9am-5:30pm. The Couriers will be unable to specify an exact delivery time (hence the lower cost) so if you require a more accurate delivery time e.g. pre 10:30am or pre 1pm then please request a timed delivery.  Where you require us to update you with the status of a standard delivery, please contact us after 4:30pm (since the Couriers will not attempt status checks before this time). For all orders we have a 4pm cut off time each day (since our Couriers arrive with us at 4:30pm).  This means all orders placed and confirmed with us after 4pm will be shipped on a 'best effort' basis only.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are on the premises on the delivery day.  Any charges in respect of returns of goods will be passed to you.  Where you have paid for a timed delivery and your package arrives later then scheduled, then you should notify us by next working day.  We will follow up with the couriers and where a refund or partial refund is provided to us, this refund will be passed to you.  

10.1  Failed deliveries

The delivery driver needs to obtain a signature for all goods and if you are unavailable to accept delivery then the driver will return to the depot with the Goods.  Most deliveries are attempted twice and the driver will leave a card stating when delivery will be re-attempted or if the goods are available to be collected from your local delivery office.  Please note we cannot deliver to PO Boxes or BFPO addresses.  If your order fails to arrive on the day, we ask that you notify us by next working day, so that we can check into any issues quickly and easily.  

If we are unable to perform the whole or part of the Contract due to any cause or event beyond our reasonable control including (but without limitation) acts of God, acts of government, large public events and gatherings, industrial action, severe weather, default of suppliers or any other such cause or event whatsoever, we may at our option, by notice in writing to you, cancel or suspend the Contract in whole or in part without liability and without prejudice to our rights to receive payment of any services or goods previously delivered or work already done.

10.2  Damaged goods or boxes

If any box arrives damaged please sign for the delivery indicating next to your signature that the box arrived damaged - otherwise you should be aware that the Courier will accept no responsibility for any damage caused by them in transit and such damage shall be attributed to you.  We strongly recommend however, that you also open the box and check the Goods while the Courier is in attendance.  If you find the Goods are damaged you should reject the delivery outright and note the damage next to any signature requested by the Courier in respect of the rejection of Goods. You should then contact us immediately to let us know what has happened. The Courier will then return the package to us and we will arrange for all replacement goods to be despatched to you.

10.3  Damaged or missing items

If any items are damaged or missing from your order, please contact us within 2 working days of your delivery or if your order was collected from our Head Office within 2 working days of you collecting the items. Please call our Customer Services on 01256 783390 for advice on returning goods.

10.4  Incorrect items received

If we have dispatched the wrong goods, we will either arrange a collection at our own expense or request that you return the goods back to us (and credit you with shipping costs incurred - which should be no greater than our cost to collect).  In all cases you must advise us within 2 working days of any issues with an order and must fully cooperate with us to enable collection of the package(s).  Where we have confirmed a collection date with you for any goods, if the courier is unable to obtain access on that date, then you will be required to return the goods to us at your own expense.  If we do not receive our goods within 10 working days from our original collection date then we shall assume you wish to retain the goods and you will be invoiced accordingly.


11.  Acceptance of Goods and Services


You will be taken to have accepted delivery of the goods if you do not notify us of any discrepancies, damage or defects within 2 working days of delivery (where such discrepancies, damage and defects are obvious upon proper inspection).  In the case of defects that are not obvious on inspection then provided that the Warranty for the Goods is still in force you may contact us by email or post to request replacement, provided such defects are covered by the warranty in force.


12. Risk 

The risk in the goods will pass to you on delivery - or from the time you collect them from our offices.  We are responsible for all goods until they are delivered or otherwise made available to you.  Our limit of liability ends from the time you sign to say that you have received the goods or from the time you or anyone authorised by you begins to carry the goods inside our premises outside to a waiting vehicle. At that moment, you shall become responsible for the care and protection of the goods and will need to take out, at your own expense, adequate and comprehensive all risks cover on the goods.  Insurance cover should include a note of RESGB's interest (ownership) of all goods until RESGB has received cash or cleared funds for all goods in full.

In a case where a rental machine has become damaged you will be billed for the total cost of a repair to the machine (if it can be repaired) or for the cost of a comparable replacement machine (where a repair either cannot be made or is not cost effective).  The total repair costs charged by us shall be reasonable and shall not exceed the maximum cost charged by the manufacturer to repair the machine.  Loss of earnings related to the rental machine will not be billed during the repair - given that 'accidents happen', unless we deem that the damage was deliberately caused.  However, payment for the repair should be made within 7 days from date of invoice.  Should there be a delay in payment to cover the repair costs, then the usual rental costs per week will be applied from Day 6 onwards, until such time as we receive cleared payment in our account, so it will be as if you had continued to rent the machine from us for this period. 


13. Payment


Payment for all goods displayed on our online website may be made by credit / debit card or other payment type as may be accepted by our payment portal. If you are not ordering directly from our website you may also have further options such as payment by BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque.  All payments may at RESGB's option be appropriated to the Contract or any other contract between RESGB and yourself that is due for payment. RESGB has only received a payment when the amount of that payment is irrevocably credited to its bank account. Subject to a credit check you may also apply for credit facilities with us.  If you have any queries relating to your purchase please contact our Accounts department on accounts@hpplotter.co.uk 

13.1  Applying for a credit account

When applying for a credit account you will be asked to complete a credit application form.  We usually request additional information on the form to help us cross-check that orders received are genuine, in order to try and protect you from any fraudulent or unauthorised purchases made by your employees or authorised third parties (for example: your usual format of PO numbers, OR whether you require us to contact you for any orders placed above a certain price band etc).  While we take every step to check all orders received are genuine and in line with your Company policies and preferences, we accept no responsibility for processing an order for Goods or Services where the order received is genuine (however so provided e.g. whether by hard copy PO, fax, email) which requests supply of Goods or Services - even where it falls outside of the confines stated on your original credit application form.  

Credit account customer payment terms

If you have been accepted for a credit account, you must ensure that all payments are made promptly.  Our payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Rarely do we agree to terms outside of this. The fees and all associated taxes shall become due in accordance with the Contract and shall be payable without any deduction. In the case of some orders placed, the customer may be required to pay monthly in advance (e.g. DesignJet Rentals), or 30 days from the date of order placed (e.g. back order items which are out of stock). 


It is the Customers responsibility to clearly notify RESGB of any changes when placing orders - this includes but is not limited to:


- Change of Invoice address

- Change of Shipping address

- Change of accounts contact name/telephone number

- Change of billing email address where all invoices/statements/notifications are to be sent



Kindly note that our Sage 50c accounts system only sends emails automatically out to a single email address and it won't cope with multiple email addresses e.g. if you ask us to "please send invoices to x address, statements to y address and reminders to z address", then we are unable to comply. 


Where a PO number is required in order for the customers accounts department to pay an invoice, it is not the sole responsibility of RESGB to obtain this. The customer MUST mention a PO Number at the time of ordering if it will later hinder payment to RESGB. RESGB staff normally check and request a PO for all orders, but it is ultimately the customers responsibility to ensure their employees supply this when placing the order and to adequetely train staff who are placing orders as to their own company's procedures. Failure to do this which later leadis to an invoice not being paid on time due to lack of appropriate paperwork, may mean late payment charges are applied or removal of 30 day credit privileges. 


if there are any likely issues to arise, then this must also be advised prior to placing an order - this includes office opening hours not being 9-5:30pm, safety briefings for engineers or couriers to attend, limitations where engineerings/couriers need hi viz jackets/long trousers/Photo ID etc


When placing an order it is the Customers responsibility to outline the invoice address, shipping address, any shipping preferences, PRIOR to ordering. Once we have received an order from our '30 day account customers' we ususally request the order is double checked by the customer by way of a confirmation email. Once we receive the 'go ahead' we process the order rapidly. If you call us 'after the event' requesting a different delivery address, then it's often too late to recall the order (from HP Distributions perspective they have a mountain of orders and don't have the time to send someone to go look at every box to find your order to pull it). Customer must double check all orders being shipped before giving the 'go ahead'.

Customers following these guidelines will avoid many issues/delays/late payment fees/collection and/or redelivery fees.  

13.3  Payments made by debit card/BACS/CHAPS

If you opt to pay by debit card you must ensure that there are sufficient funds available so that all monies owing can be debited from the card details provided.  

If you wish to pay by BACS/CHAPS our bank details are shown on our invoice.  If you are an overseas customer then any bank charges applied in transferring funds to our bank account must be at your own expense.

In the case where stage payments are made (such as for printer repairs and rentals) where you do not hold a credit account with us, you must ensure that sufficient funds are available when we attempt to take payment. Where a card payment is denied it will be tried 3 times.  If we are unsuccessful, we will then contact you to request an alternative means of payment.  If we have already supplied Goods or Services to you in good faith and then have difficulties contacting you for payment, after 7 days an administration charge of £20.00+VAT will be applied where payment has not been received and interest shall accrue as stipulated in clause 13.6 below


13.4  Delivery delays

In the event of delivery being delayed due to reasons attributed to you, the Customer, payment is to be made as if no delay had occurred

13.5  Late payment 

You shall be in default if you exceed the due date of payment. If any payment from you under this Contract is overdue, then RESGB may suspend delivery of further services or any other contract with you and such suspension shall be deemed to be as a result of your defaulting on the payment (in which case payment is to be made by yourselves as if no delay had occurred). Late payment may result in delays of contract services such as attending site under RESGB Annual support contracts or HP Carepack purchases.   


RESGB may exercise a lien over your goods or materials in your possession until all amounts to RESGB are paid in full by you. The Customer is obligated to pay as agreed - which is immediately upon an invoice being submitted (if the customer doesn't have a credit account set up) or 30 days from the date of invoice. In the rare case where RESGB have agreed in writing to extended our standard terms then such extended terms will be honoured, provided you have this documented in writing from the Managing Director of RESGB. 


Where there is a genuine query or amendment to be made to the invoice then RESGB should be notified no later than 1 working day prior to the due date shown on the invoice so that the invoice can be corrected (as applicable) in a timely manner to avoid payment delays. If you need the corrected invoice earlier to fit in with your payment scheduling then you need to notify us NO LESS THAN 1 working day before you require an updated invoice. This does not give the customer the right to withhold payment because the revised invoice was not received in time. Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice, and NOT when an invoice is corrected or modified in some way, since the invoice date remains the same.


It is also not acceptable for Customers to decide to change payment dates based upon when they received the goods or when they received a copy of the invoice. When a customer places an order they should receive an invoice for their records within 24 hours. If something has gone wrong - e.g. email address is incorrect - then the customer is always sent a reminder 1 week before the payment due date to check they have received the invoice OK and to check everything is in hand to help ensure payments are made on time. Therefore no adjustments to when the invoice is payable will be made or accepted unless by prior agreement from the MD. 


Customers also may not delay payments where they have placed an order on backorder (i.e. where there is no stock within HP Distribution) and upon receiving the invoice don't wish to pay until goods or services arrive at the premises. We remind customers that to ensure fast delivery for "out of stock" items, they should place such items on backorder - and pay for the invoice in the normal way. If they don't place the order while HP Distribution await stock to come in, then there is a good chance that when it finally arrives into stock that everyone else who placed a backorder will receive the item first and there is a high risk that stock will run out again. Our systems are not set up to invoice Customers when stock is shipped because once we place the backorder with HP Distribution they will ship as soon as stock becomes available. We are unable to phone HP Distribution every day to check every customers order which could take months to arrive (worst case scenario) nor can we call all customers each day to check 'have you received the items yet'. So payment needs to be made 30 days from date of invoice as normal. If you decide you don't wish to pay within these payment terms, then we can cancel down the backorder for you so that we wait for HP's stock to arrive (and then hope it doesn't immediately get shipped back out again for all other customers backorders) but this way we can ensure that when we place the customers order, it's only when it's in stock and shippable, which then allows us to bill in real time to avoid any delays between receiving the item after paying for it.   


Customers are also reminded that as a small micro business, we still have well over 5000 customers. It is the Customers responsibility to clearly notify RESGB of a change of address (Invoice and Shipping address), Change of accounts contact, Change of billing email address where all invoices/statements/notifications should be sent. If the customer has moved address and doesn't mention in writing at the time of ordering that the address has changed or notified RESGB that the email address originally supplied to set up the 30 day credit account has changed (which is where all invoices are sent), then this may cause issues/delays/late payment fees/collection and/or redelivery fees.  

13.6  Interest and charges on late payments 

In the case of delayed payment you shall, without prejudice to any other claim of RESGB, pay interest on the amount outstanding at the standard rates as detailed by the government - please refer to the following link: https://www.gov.uk/late-commercial-payments-interest-debt-recovery for a breakdown of the interest charges.

In addition to interest charged, you will also be charged a fixed sum to cover our costs in recovering a late commercial payment. The amount charged depends upon the amount of debt and you will only be charged once for this. For this charge please refer to the following link: https://www.gov.uk/late-commercial-payments-interest-debt-recovery/claim-debt-recovery-costs

At the time of writing, and as an example only, the charges applied and outlined by the Government links above are detailed below. However these rates and charges may change in the future so you must use the links above to view current Government Guidelines in order to check the current charges which may be applied to your account. 


(i) statutory interest - 8% plus the Bank of England base rate of 0.75%.

(ii) Debt recovery costs (charged once only and based upon the amount of debt):

- £40 will be charged for debts up to £999.99

- £70 will be charged for debts of between £1,000-£9,999.99

- £100 will be charged for debts of £10,000 or more.

Again, the above are examples taken from Government Guidelines in September 2019 but may change over time - so the actual costs will be as set out by the Government Guidelines and links shown above.

Our payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice - unless in the rare instance longer terms have been approved and signed off by the Managing Director only.

If you are late paying your invoice, you will receive your first reminder requesting payment within 7 days and within the reminder you will be notified that failure to pay within the 7 days will result in the charges shown above being applied. This is to give you fair warning of impending charges before they take place. For the purposes of clarity, all persons purchasing from Resolution GB Limited will be deemed to be carrying out a Commercial purchase therefore these charges will apply to every invoice where credit has been sought but where payment is late. This includes rental customers who are renting on a commercial basis and therefore by the very nature of the purchase have to pay monthly.

13.7  Overpayments


13.7.1. Refund Procedure
If, by any chance, you have overpaid us, you have the following options for rectification:

You may request a refund by contacting us at accounts@hpplotter.co.uk.
Alternatively, you can reach out to us at 01256 783390.
To facilitate the refund process, kindly provide your bank details.
We will expeditiously process all refunds via the Bankers' Automated Clearing Services (BACS) method.

13.7.2. Credit Offset
In addition to requesting a refund, you have the option to offset the overpayment against a future order. The overpaid amount can be deducted from a future invoice, effectively serving as credit.

13.7.3. Notification of Overpayment
Should a member of the sales team processing your order detect or be made aware of an overpayment on your account, they will promptly contact you to ascertain your preference for resolution.

13.7.4. Timeframe for Refund Requests
Refund requests made within the first year of the overpayment will not incur any processing charges.

13.7.5. Refund Requests After 12+ Months
For refund requests related to overpayments made more than 12 months ago, a more in-depth investigation may be necessary. Such investigations involve a review of our archived records to determine the cause of the overpayment. This may include examining past correspondence to check for instances where an order was placed but not recorded in our system, instances where both card and BACS payments were made, or situations where invoices for goods or services were inadvertently omitted.

13.7.6. Processing Fee
After the initial 12-month period, assessing the nature of the overpayment becomes more challenging. At this point, it becomes uncertain whether the overpayment resulted from a simple error on your part or if there were unapplied charges that should have been levied on your account. In such cases, a processing fee of £25 will be applied to each overpayment. This fee is intended to cover the time and expenses associated with investigating the reasons behind the overpayment. The processing fee will be deducted when we process your refund.


       13.8  Retention rights

         You may only set off claims or assert retention rights in respect of claims which are undisputed or have been finally decided.


14. Retention of Title


Ownership and title of Goods will only pass to you when we receive payment in full (in cash or cleared funds) for all contracts between us.  Payment of the full price for the goods shall include the amount of any interest or other sums payable under the contract between RESGB and the Customer, and may include but not be limited to delivery charges, cancellation charges and late payment charges.  Until such time as the property in the goods passes to you, you shall hold the goods as RESGB's fiduciary agent and bailee, and shall keep the Goods separate from those of your own and other third parties and properly stored, protected and insured and identified as RESGB's property. Until that time or until otherwise notified by RESGB in writing or until the happening of any event set out in these Conditions entitling RESGB to terminate this Contract, you shall account to RESGB for the proceeds of the sale or otherwise of the goods, whether tangible or intangible, including insurance proceeds, and shall keep all such proceeds separate from any monies or property of yours or third parties, and in the case of tangible proceeds, properly stored, protected and insured.

Until such time as the property in the Goods passes to you (and provided the goods are still in existence and have not been resold) RESGB shall be entitled at any time to require you to deliver up the goods to RESGB and, if you fail to do so forthwith, to enter upon any premises or vehicles of you or any third party where the goods are stored and repossess the goods. You shall not be entitled to pledge or in any way charge by way of security for an indebtedness any of the goods that remain the property of RESGB. Where you use banking facilities or factoring or an invoice discounting company which involves the selling of debtors or using debtors as security, you shall notify the bank, the factoring or invoice discounting company concerned of RESGB's interest in the goods and specifically that title in the goods has not passed. RESGB retains ownership of and all rights to the concept and content of the Services and you may only use this for the purpose and to the extent specified in the contract.


15. Our Liability 

Our liability for losses you suffer as a result of us breaking the Contract is strictly limited to the purchase price of the Goods or Services that you purchased (except for death or personal injury). We cannot accept responsibility for losses you suffer as a result of us failing to comply with the terms of this agreement or as a result of circumstances outside our reasonable control.  Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms, nothing in these Terms excludes or limits in any way our liability to you for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.  There is a time limit applicable to both parties for the enforcement of claims with further terms set out below:


15.1  Death, Injury, Damage 

We will accept limited liability for death or personal injury caused by our default and for direct physical damage to your tangible property wherein we shall offer to repair, replace or provide financial recompense on a like for like basis relating specifically to the damage.


15.2 Limit of liability 

RESGB's entire liability for actual damages in respect of any one Default shall not, in any event, exceed 100% of the total purchase price for the Goods or Services which are directly related to the default, and in any event we shall have no liability if the Goods or Services are not used in accordance with the instruction of either the manufacturer or RESGB or where the goods or services are altered, modified or converted by you or a third party. We shall not be liable for any loss incurred after correcting any default.

We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a Contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control (Force Majeure Event).  Such events include any act, event, non-happening, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control and includes in particular, without limitation, industrial action, attack, war or threat or preparation for war, natural disaster, limited use of public or private transport, legislation or restrictions of any government etc. Our performance under any Contract is deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues, and we will have an extension of time for performance for the duration of that period.  We will use all reasonable endeavours to find a solution by which our obligations under the Contract may be performed despite the Force Majeure Event, provided that the cost to carry out such endeavours is no greater than the normal cost to do so had there been no Force Majeure Event.

We will not be liable for loss or damage, however caused and even if foreseeable by us in terms of economical loss, which term shall include: loss of profits, loss of use of profits, loss of business or revenue, loss of goodwill, anticipated loss or special, indirect or consequential loss (other than direct physical damage to tangible property), loss arising from your failure to fulfill your responsibilities, loss incurred by a third party either engaged by you or who has been impacted from the death, injury or damage caused by our default.


15.3 Claim deadline  

Except in respect of payments due under this agreement and claims where we are correcting a situation or problem or issue, no action may be brought by either party against the other more than 2 years after the cause of action has accrued.  You shall always inform us of any problem or issue within 30 days (or any other timeframe specifically mentioned within these terms) and afford us a reasonable opportunity of correcting that situation including, without limitation, the option of repeating the project or correcting any problem or issue where we agree such project, problem or issue needs to be corrected.


15.4 Indemnity  

The Customer agrees to indemnify RESGB against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands in any way connected with the Contract or Services brought or threatened against RESGB by a third party except to the extreme that RESGB is liable to the Customer for Default.  The Customer acknowledges that the price of the Services has been calculated on the basis that RESGB excludes and/or limits its liability to the Customer in accordance with this agreement that the exclusions and limitations contained in this agreement are fair and reasonable in all the circumstances known at the date of this agreement and it is not possible to foresee and provide in the agreement (in particular way of adjustments to the price of the Services) for all contingencies which may give rise to loss, damage or liability.  


16.  Our Warranty  

RESGB shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that the Goods or Services supplied to you conform substantially to the specification of those Goods or Services.  This means we warrant to you that any goods purchased from us through our site are of satisfactory quality and are reasonably fit for purpose.  

We warrant that goods manufactured by us will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery.  This warranty does not extend to goods not manufactured by us.  For goods not manufactured by us, you will be entitled to the benefit of the respective manufacturer's warranty or guarantee that was offered with the Goods.  RESGB are not liable for any defects of goods outside the manufacturers standard warranty.  We are not responsible to you to any greater extent and in particular are not responsible for any indirect or consequential loss (financial or otherwise) which you may incur for whatever reason, as a consequence of our failure to comply with the terms of this agreement.  


17.  Returns


In the event that you purchased Goods manufactured by us, simply notify us in writing regarding a valid claim. We will either replace or repair the Goods or refund the price that you paid for the Goods (at our discretion). If you purchased any Goods and Services from us that were not manufactured directly by RESGB, then the manufacturers we deal with often have trained personnel ready to help you troubleshoot any problems. As such, we recommend in the first instance you contact them directly and they will quickly organise to repair/replace/reimburse you for the faulty Goods (and we will support your claim with a copy of a valid invoice where this is required) where your claim is accepted by them. We will always endeavor to transfer to you all benefits of any warranties or guarantees provided on products by the relevant manufacturers. If you feel you have a valid claim and the manufacturer cannot help you, or if you have any difficulties, please obtain a fault or case reference number from the manufacturer and call us on 01256 783390 so we can be of assistance.

Business Buyers

As a private individual or consumer you have statutory rights relating to return of goods which are fit for purpose. However as a business buyer these rights are hereby removed and liability will not be accepted by us where you have purchased Goods and subsequently do not require them for any reason. In these cases we usually do not offer any refunds, unless by express authorisation of a Director under special circumstances. This is particularly relevant where requests for refunds are made against Designjet Spare Parts where the box has been opened or any seals broken. This is because the act of fitting the spare part to your printer may cause damage to the part if you have not properly metered or fitted the part correctly and because we offer an engineering service and do not expect business users to utilise our spare parts in order to carry out self repairs, particularly where they are inexperienced and in some cases seek to use several of our spare parts to 'save buying them' to work out which part has failed! In any event any parts opened cannot be sold on as new.  As a general rule we test all electronic components prior to shipping to ensure there are no manufacturing faults - so as such if you do indicate the part is defective we shall believe it to be the case that (1) the fault was caused by incorrect fitting of the part and/or negligence or (2) the part is not actually defective but just appears to be so, and following testing we can see the issue you are experienced is due to another printer part being faulty. Should it be the former then no returns will be accepted. Should it be the latter then we will only consider a return if the item was not ordered in especially and the part can be resold as new. Where we feel it is a one-off event we will charge a restocking fee on all Designjet spare parts of 30% of RRP. For all products not specifically classed as a Designjet Spare part, a reduced restocking fee of 20% of RRP will be applied. Collection costs will also be charged.

Accepted Returns
Where returns are considered, or accepted subject to testing, you must first give us a reasonable opportunity to inspect the goods to check they are in the same condition as they were at delivery and you shall return the Goods to us by a signed-for service with the returns number clearly displayed. The Buyer shall be responsible for all transportation and insurance costs relating to returned Goods. No returns shall be accepted where we believe the goods have been altered, repaired, damaged by accident, damaged by misuse, faulty due to an act of negligence or wilful act of default or incorrect use of goods. You must ship the goods to the address provided to you when making a returns request.

Where the goods returned are not faulty or defective then you shall return them at your own expense in original unmarked packaging, complete and unused with all seals unbroken (e.g. if they were wrongly ordered or ordered in error or your customer has cancelled their order with you and we have accepted your return in writing etc) ad shall be responsible for all transportation and insurance costs relating to returned goods.

Damages, disrepancies, shortages and invoice queries
If your complaint is that you verbally placed an order and the goods ordered are not those received, then we shall take our 'written confirmation of order' which is normally emailed following a verbal request from a customer, as being what we understood you to be ordering with them. Please check all confirmation emails sent to you, including Pro forma invoice or invoice attachments, to ensure that what is stated on the confirmation of order is correct and contact us immediately if you find any discrepancies. Again, if orders are special order items we will not accept a return unless we deem we have made an error in ordering those items for you, or they are covered by the manufacturers warranty and are unfit for use - otherwise a restocking fee of 20% of the RRP will be applied (or 30% of the RRP if it's a spare part) if we accept the return plus collection costs. At our discretion, we may ask you to return the items to us at your cost using a signed for delivery service. 

As the buyer you shall be responsible for inspecting the boxed/parcel contents containing the Goods on delivery and to check the Goods for damages, discrepancies and shortages. Where outer boxes are damaged by the courier you shall be responsible, at the point of signing for the delivery, to state that while you may have not checked the products inside the box, the outer box is damaged and you suspect damage may have occurred. If you sign for goods and say that they arrived in good order with the courier then this shall bind you if subsequently the goods are shown as damaged in transit. Any goods which contain elements of glass or which are deemed fragile should be inspected, even if the outer box is not damaged to ensure that we have a valid claim with the couriers that the items were damaged in transit.

You shall notify sales@hpplotter.co.uk in writing within 48 hours of delivery of any short delivery of goods, any damaged goods delivered or any non-shipment of Goods detailed on the proof of delivery - or where you believe the incorrect items have been despatched and delivered.

You shall check the contents of our invoice and any invoice related queries must be notified to us in writing within 14 day of the date of our invoice.

We will not accept returns where the goods have not been paid for by the due date for payment; and at all times we shall have the option to provide the Customer with equivalent replacement Goods within a reasonable time.

Designjet Rental Failures, deliveries and collections
When taking delivery of the rental machine you must carry out a basic inspection of the printer first, prior to signing off with the Courier that the Goods have arrived in 'good order'. Unless you have purchased a bespoke printer delivery for your rental machine, the courier will drop off the printer at a suitable drop off point just outside your front door (or just inside your front door). The courier may require your assistance to offload and/or carry the printer over any cobbled or uneven road surfaces and to lift it just inside your front door as the printers are heavy and cannot be managed by a single courier. If you don't wish to do this then we can charge you for a 2-man courier team to drop the printer off at your ground floor reception - or a special placement delivery if you need the printer to be lifted up or down stairs. In short, the basic courier driver cost means that the driver cannot leave his van except to quickly drop off the printer to you. If you are unavailable to assist the driver for a standard delivery, then the driver may have to return the rental machine to us rather than risk damaging the printer by attempting to manually offload a heavy/expensive machine by himself. In such instances, any costs associated with returning to drop off the printer with you after an abortive visit will be chargeable.  Next, you must report where the printer wheels are buckled, broken or damaged upon delivery and/or if any part of the printer is broken or damaged. The goods must be signed off as being damaged in transit with the courier, to ensure we have a valid claim against the couriers otherwise we must assume that you have broken or damaged the goods yourself when moving the printer within your building.

If the printer fails or breaksdown during the rental period then any engineering callouts, labour and parts will be covered within your rental agreement and we will ensure that we attend site by next working day provided the fault is reported before 4pm the day before. We shall not be responsible for re-installation of repaired or exchanged printers unless you previously paid for installation of your rental printer with us.  At the end of your rental period, you shall commit to ensuring the printer is ready for collection at the day and time agreed and is available for collection at the front door at the appropriate collection point. You shall assist the courier driver with loading the printer back onto the van unless you have paid for a bespoke collection (similar to the delivery). Any costs incurred to collect the printer (such as calling in a specialist to move the printer back downstairs to a courier collection point) shall be at the buyers cost. We will only credit days where the printer is unusable/faulty where the Goods have been paid for by the due date for payment. At no point are we responsible for any costs associated with the breakdown where you may, for example, outsource your printing to a local copy shop while the printer is awaiting repair.

Goods that fail on installation (DOA)
Goods that fail on installation: we operate a returns procedure for Dead On Arrival products. The D.O.A. procedure will be notified to you upon your notification to us that the goods have apparently failed on installation. In no circumstances may the faulty goods be returned to us by yourself without the prior written consent of Resolution GB Limited trading as HP Plotter. Where Goods are returned a handling charge reasonably specified by us will, at our discretion, be either deducted from any credit allowed or be payable to us by you upon demand. The Buyer must notify us of the fault becoming apparent and follow the instructions notified to it by ourselves in relation to the fault. The Buyer shall pay us all reasonable costs and expenses (to be quoted by Resolution GB Limited) if the Goods suspected to be D.O.A. or Faulty Goods prove not to be D.O.A. or Faulty Goods. The Buyer shall be responsible for all transportation and insurance costs relating to returned Goods except where the manufacturer agrees to recover it at their expense. We shall not be responsible for installation of returned Goods after repair or exchange - if you previously purchased installation then you will need to purchase this again if you require installation on your replacement, although we shall endeavour to charge you 'at cost' to us. Any labour costs and expenses incurred in extracting defective parts and/or components shall be borne by the Buyer and if incurred by Resolution GB Limited shall be paid for by the Buyer at the standard rate applicable. The buyer shall also be responsible for all costs if we agree to collect the Goods for return and such Goods or access to such Goods are not ready for collection at the agreed time. 

18.  Website Terms


18.1  Website Etiquette


We actively welcome you to post comments or reviews on our website.  We have a 'play nice' policy where you must not post any comments or reviews that might inhibit the use and enjoyment of the site by any other users.  This includes using profanity, being abusive or rude or generally writing something which is not in keeping with our website or our vision of what people should be doing on it.  You must also undertake not to promote another Company or Goods or Services.  All such comments and reviews that fall outside of our requirements will be removed.  


18.2 Website functionality and service

We don't guarantee that our website or functions contained in this website will be uninterrupted or error free or that this site or the server are free of viruses or bugs or represents the full functionality


18.3 Web Site links

This site contains links to other sites.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites and take no responsibility for their content or availability.  


18.4  Website Errors and Omissions

This website has been designed to try and assist you with your online purchasing and to provide you with as much information as possible from a variety of different sources.  Whilst we endeavour to ensure all information contained on this website is accurate, we do not warrant that it is error free or that errors and omissions will be corrected.  It remains the responsibility of the customer to double check that any Goods or Services fully match with their requirements prior to purchase. At no time will RESGB be liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of information contained on this website, including and without limitation, indirect or consequential damages. 


18.5  Website Copyright restrictions

Commercial use or publication of any or all items displayed on our website is strictly prohibited without prior written authorisation from RESGB.  Documents and images may be copied for personal use only, on the condition that copyright and source indications are also copied, no modifications are made and the document is copied entirely.  Some documents and photos have been published on this site with the permission of the relevant copyright owners (who are not RESGB).  All rights are reserved on these documents and permission to copy them must be requested from the copyright owners.


18.6  Website viruses

We shall take all responsible steps to ensure that our Web Site is free from viruses, however we cannot accept responsibility for losses or contamination you may suffer downloading data from it. You must ensure similarly that you have taken all steps to restrict any risk of contamination when downloading such data to your own system network in accordance with best IT industry practices.  


19.  Written Communications


When using our site, you accept that communication with us will be mainly electronic.  We will contact you by email or provide you with information by posting notices on our website.  You agree to this electronic means of communication and you acknowledge that all contracts, notices, information and other communications that we provide to you electronically comply with any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.  This condition does not affect your statutory rights.  Please note that our Contract and all communications between RESGB and you will be in English.  


20.  Project Management

Specific, project related Terms may also be issued in addition to these Standard Terms and should be considered part of an overall contract

21.  Notices


All notices given by you to us must be given via our Head Office address above.  We may give notice to you at either the email or postal address you provide to us when placing an order.  Notice will be deemed received and properly served immediately when posted on our website, 24 hours after an email is sent or three days after the date of posting of any letter.  In proving the service of any notice, it will be sufficient to prove in the case of a letter that it was properly addressed, stamped and placed in the post and, in the case of an email, that such email was sent to the specified email address of the addressee


22.  Transfer of rights and obligations


The Contract between you and us is binding on you and us and on our respective successors and assignees.  You may not transfer, assign, charge or otherwise dispose of a Contract, or any of your rights or obligations arising under it, without prior written consent.  We may transfer, assign, charge, sub-contract or otherwise dispose of a Contract, or any of our rights or obligations arising under it, at any time during the term of the Contract.

If we fail, at any time during the term of a Contract, to insist upon strict performance of any of your obligations under the Contract or any of these Terms, or if we fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which we are entitled under the Contract, this shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies and shall not relieve you from compliance with such obligations.  A waiver by us of any default shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default.  No waiver by us of any of these Terms shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be a waiver and is communicated to you in writing.

23.  Severability


If any of these Terms or any provisions of a Contract are determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition or provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.


24.  Copyright and Confidentiality

RESGB is and will remain the owner of all IPR’s in the Services. You are not entitled to copy or record the Services or any material relating to the Services nor to repeat the Services or to alter the Services or any material relating to the Services in any way except by prior written agreement of a Director of RESGB.  You are also not entitled to erase any copyright notices or other legends appearing on such material.

Both the Customer and RESGB have a duty of care to each other not to divulge, publish or disclose to any person or business any trade secret, dealings, transactions, affairs or process any information concerning the business or finances of the other or any other information of a confidential character (including information belonging to or relating to any third party) or without limitation the services and material relating to the Services, which may come into its or their knowledge, regardless of whether or not it is for their own purposes or for the purposes of any third party.  Such restriction shall not apply to any knowledge or information which is or may become (otherwise than through the default of the Customer or RESGB) available to the public generally.


25.  Employees

It is agreed that the Customer will not offer employment to employees of RESGB, without agreement in writing.  In the event of a non-agreed hire of a RESGB person either directly or indirectly, the client shall be liable for a fee of 50% of the RESGB person's salary including the value of any benefits or emoluments.  Fees will be due within seven days of the commencement date of the RESGB person with the Customer.

26.  Entire Agreement


These Terms and any document expressly referred to in them represent the entire agreement between RESGB and yourself in relation to the subject matter of any Contract and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between both parties, whether oral or in writing. We each acknowledge that, in entering into a Contract, neither party has relied on any representation, undertaking or promise given by the other or be implied from anything said or written in negotiations between both parties prior to such Contract except as expressly stated in these Terms. We intend to rely upon these Terms and any document expressly referred to in them in relation to the subject matter of any Contract. 


27.  Law and jurisdiction


Contracts for the purchase of goods through our site and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be governed by English law. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with such Contracts or their formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.  The Customer shall pay to RESGB all expenses, including cost of employees time and legal costs on a full indemnity basis, incurred by or on behalf of RESGB in enforcing the provisions of this Contract.




28.  Consumable orders

We undertake, as at the date of supply, that the consumables comply with their description and any published specification and are of satisfactory quality. You are responsible for ensuring that the consumables are appropriate for the purpose you have in mind for them.  Where it has been agreed between both parties that the consumables are to be delivered in instalments, each instalment is to be treated individually and if we fail to deliver an instalment, this will not affect the balance of the agreement between us.  

Some consumables need to be kept in environmental conditions or have shelf lives (which are made clear on their packaging, or paperwork included within the packaging, or included on a specification sheet which we can make available to you upon request).  All new consumables purchased from us are covered by the manufacturers standard warranty.  All manufacturers warranty terms shall apply and usual exclusions would apply (for example faults or problems that arise as a result of not keeping them in the required environmental conditions or where they are used beyond the indicated shelf life will fall outside of your warranty).  

You should use the consumables entirely in accordance with their instruction for use. You will not be covered where faults arise from fair wear and tear, willful damage to, or misuse of the consumables, or adjustments or modifications to the consumables made by you. If the consumables are found to have faults and we are responsible under these Terms for the faults, as long as you have paid the price in full, we will either replace or repair the consumables at our option but have no greater obligation to you. If faults do arise in the consumables that under these Terms are our responsibility, you agree to notify us as soon as possible.  Any medium supplied which is faulty may be returned to RESGB within 30 days, and shall be replaced without charge.

All prices provided assume that you will pay using 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods (being: debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque). 

As a consumables buyer you may, from time to time, receive an invitation to receive discount off your consumables. 


28.1  Cancellation of Consumable or Parts orders

If a Customer wishes to return any parts or consumables ordered in error, then a restocking fee of £20.00 or 20% of the RRP will apply (whichever is the greater).  All returned goods must either be shipped back to RESGB at the Customers own expense and be unopened with all packaging in perfect condition ready for resale. However in most instances HP Distribution will wish to collect and a collection fee will be charged in addition to the restocking fee.  If the item is not in perfect condition then a refund will not be processed as the item cannot be sold as new. In this case you will be informed and you can choose to collect the item at your cost. See Section 1, Paragraphs 8.3 and 8.4 for further information.

29.  Hardware orders

All new hardware purchased from us (for example printers, scanners, etc) is covered by the manufacturers standard warranty (you may also purchase an extended support/care pack either at the time of purchasing your hardware or prior to the standard warranty cover expiring). Once the standard warranty has expired, the opportunity to purchase post-warranty cover will then be offered to you.  We always attempt to assist our customers with reminders about cover as part of our free customer service offerings, but ultimately if your hardware breaks down and you are not covered by either support contract or care pack, then it is your responsibility. Where you have been offered a discount on your hardware order, then this discount only applies if payment is made by 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods, being: debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque.

29.1  Claiming under the Manufacturers Warranty

The manufacturer is responsible under the warranty terms and conditions to maintain and service the hardware for the duration of this Warranty.  You will need to contact the Manufacturer directly in respect to any faults or issues or claims under this Warranty, as they will usually only deal with the end user - who has to be in front of the hardware when reporting a fault.  Any difficulties with logging a fault should however be reported to us, and a claim number recorded, so that we might assist you and mediate if the need arises. We do not accept liability for any damage, service issues or claims of wasted consumables due to manufacturing defaults on hardware.  

Helpful notes - which does not form or constitute part of these Terms and Conditions:
  Dependent upon the Warranty provided by the Manufacturer, you should be aware that if your hardware arrives DOA (dead on arrival) then the manufacturer will often replace the hardware rather than undertake a repair, provided you process this request with them within the required timeframe stated in their terms.  You should also check the Terms and Conditions of the Warranty when considering self-repairs or repairs from any third parties, as such work will often invalidate the Manufacturers Warranty provided with the Equipment. This often also applies when using third party or remanufactured consumables.


30.  Software orders

Where the Services include any Software, we grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Software for your business purposes but not further or otherwise.  If we need to modify, or write any Software for you or provide support for Software this is to be the subject of a separate agreement.  All terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer of the Software shall apply over and above any terms stated here. 

All prices provided assume that you will pay using 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods (being: debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque), for which you will receive a built-in discount. All customers opting to pay outside of the acceptable payment methods will need to cover the appropriate card charges at the rate charged to Resolution GB.

As a software buyer you may, from time to time, receive an invitation to receive 5% discount off your consumables. This discount only applies if payment is made by 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods listed above. 


31.  Engineering orders (covering printer service, repairs, installations, de-installs or other site visits)


31.1 About our estimates

When you receive a service, repair or other engineering estimate from RESGB, the intention always is to provide likely costs for engineering callout, labour, and possible parts or consumables required to get your printer back to good working order.  This will hopefully allow you to better understand where final costs may fall outside of your budget or may help you to decide to look at alternative options.  However, sometimes it is not always possible at the outset to provide an estimate which accurately represents the final bill.  In a few cases, full assessment may take one or more visits depending upon the error codes being displayed - particularly if the error code changes through the repair (e.g. an error code is resolved by replacing a worn part, but then moves on to display another error code - which the engineer also needs to work through).  You therefore accept all estimates provided are just estimates and not a guarantee of final costs.  We service and repair on a time + materials basis only.  If you require a fixed price repair you must let us know at the outset, in writing via email to engineering@hpplotter.co.uk, and we will price the repair accordingly.

All prices provided assume that you will pay using 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods (being: debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque), for which you will receive a built-in discount. All customers opting to pay outside of the acceptable payment methods will need to cover the appropriate card charges at the rate charged to Resolution GB.

As an engineering customer you may, from time to time, receive an invitation to receive 5% discount off your consumables. This discount only applies if payment is made by 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods listed above. 


31.2 Your responsibilities as a Customer

31.2.1  To correctly complete the form, giving your approval to carry out engineering work 


Prior to processing an engineering call, we always supply an estimate or quote for the work - and request that where you wish to proceed on the basis of this quote that you provide: your invoice address, site address of printer, contact details, printer serial number & model number, site contact details and 'any other information' (where you may specify important information such as timings e.g. 'we close at 4pm on Fridays').  

We only use the details on your reply as the latest and most current details for you - even if we have previously attended a site elsewhere for this printer (since we have many customers who move printers to different sites). If the address you supplied when responding to our service/repair estimate is incomplete or wrong then you must email us with the correct address as soon as you realise your error. In all cases we will respond within 1 hour - so if you do not receive a timely response please contact us immediately via telephone on 01256 783390 so that we can avoid shipping out parts to the wrong address. If parts have been shipped to the wrong address then the cost of collecting the parts and re-routing them will be billable at your cost (as will any parts lost where we supply a courier proof of delivery to an address supplied by you as the site address). The same applies where the engineer has attended a site at the wrong address, then the engineering costs (callout and first hour on site) are billable.


31.2.2  To understand our parts allocation procedure 


When we attend Customers sites we prefer, where possible, to allocate the most likely parts required for the call and ship these to the customer site to ensure a timely repair (especially if our engineer does not have sufficient parts on his van stock relating to your particular printer model or fault being presented) - noting that any unused parts will be removed from site by the engineer, and you will only be billed for those parts used.  If you prefer us not to ship parts directly to your site address, then please let us know at the outset.  If you think it likely that no-one will be in to sign for the delivery or if you are based on a large site where parts can easily go astray then please let us know at the time of placing your order.  In such cases we can either arrange for parts to be despatched on a different day when you are available to sign for the package or we can arrange for the parts to be despatched directly to our engineer - noting that sometimes this might delay attendance times. 

31.2.3  To follow due process when receiving parts from us


When you receive parts from us, you must ensure that they remain in an unopened condition and passed directly to our attending engineer upon his arrival. You should ideally telephone us as soon as parts arrive on-site (on 01256 783390) so that, in the event an engineer becomes available more quickly we might be able to arrange your repair earlier than originally planned. Where parts have not arrived on site please make us aware, so we can follow up with our couriers as appropriate. In the event that our shipment of parts is found to be opened or tampered with in any way, and should such parts later be found to be faulty you will be billed for the cost of these parts in full. (This is due to a very small minority of customers over the years who appear to have replaced our good part with their old part - leaving us with opened boxes and failed parts which cannot be resold - hence if the boxes are unopened we can avoid any issues of this kind).


31.2.4  To follow due process if parts arrive damaged in transit


You must inspect the box and if this appears to be damaged in transit, you must sign the Couriers signature slip indicating the damage prior to acceptance of goods.  Failure to do this means that you accept the courier delivered the parts to you in good condition without damage - therefore any damage incurred will be your responsibility rather than the Couriers. For avoidance of doubt, all parts are shipped via courier and will need to be signed for.  Most parts will be shipped out on a 'next working day' delivery.  


31.2.5  To direct our attending engineer to repair the correct printer


It is your responsibility to ensure that our engineer is directed to, and works on, the correct printer.  While we request notification of the serial number & model number prior to attending site (and display these details on our engineering jobsheet), it is not uncommon for customers to mis-read the serial number or model number or to have old details for a printer that has since been replaced - especially in larger organisations.  We therefore show these details on the jobsheet only as an aide memoire where your appointed On-site Representative needs clarification of which printer needs repairing.  In all cases, you must specifically direct our engineer to the location of the printer that needs to be attended (in order to avoid him incurring extra time on site wandering around the building to try and find the said printer).  Should the printer model be significantly different to that originally listed on our estimate or jobsheet, then additional engineering rates may apply as we have different rates for Laserjet and Designjet repairs.  If our engineer has been directed to a printer that differs to the printer listed on his jobsheet, then the jobsheet shall simply be amended to show the correct serial number & model number.  Should you later decide that our engineer worked on the wrong printer, then you are still responsible for paying for the engineering visit.


31.2.6  To meet your Health & Safety responsibilities for an attending engineer and provide a good working area


When purchasing engineering services from us (to service, repair or otherwise attend your printer) it is your responsibility to ensure that the health and safety, and overall welfare of our engineer is met.  This means that the engineers working conditions must be as per normal legal requirements with access to toilets, drinks of water, sufficient heat and light and otherwise working in an environment which is safe and secure.  The engineer also needs to have sufficient space in which to carry out repair work with sufficient space to set down his tools or belongings and space where the printer can be taken apart and cleaned, serviced or repaired. Where onsite conditions are such that you require our engineer to attend a health and safety briefing, video or other method of health and safety training, then such time is included on 'hours attended site' and are billable accordingly.  Where our engineer needs to wear any protective clothing then such clothing must be provided at your expense. The customer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the engineers tools or belongings whether lost, stolen, damaged or defaced within the area where the engineer is working - except in the case of ink spray from a printer being worked on (which is deemed to be a normal working hazard). In such cases Resolution will also not be responsible for damage to walls, carpets or damage to the surrounding area due to ink spray - as this is something which can happen with a printer. The customer must however allow the engineer access to suitable washing facilities to remove ink spillage from his person or tools or equipment and be supported with cleaning the surrounding area to minimise billable time on site such as providing access to mops, bucket, water, cloths and any appropriate cleaning products.

31.2.7  To understand what you must have on site prior to an engineer attending 


You will need to have sufficient ink, paper and printheads (which are in good order) on site in order for our engineer to carry out test prints, since as a matter of course our engineers do not carry consumables.  If you do not have these available, then the engineer may be unable to fully test your printer.  In such cases, work can proceed once these have been obtained (through us or through your normal suppliers).  We will then quote you for a revisit in order to continue to work through the fault.   You will also need to have sufficient electric power on site in order for our engineer to be able to test and power up the printer.  Where power is unavailable then the call will be billable and a revisit quote will be raised to continue the work once sufficient power has been established.

31.2.8  To understand the importance of having an
 Onsite Representative 


We recommend that you or an appointed representative remain on site throughout an engineering visit so that any engineering questions are quickly resolved and so that the engineer can provide you with pertinent advice about your printer as well as allowing for our jobsheet to be signed off in a timely manner.  This will also minimise any queries you may have following our engineering visit that could have been resolved at the time of visit.  For example, by remaining on site with our engineer you can ensure that all test prints carried out are to your satisfaction, and you can view parts replaced as well as ensure you agree fully with the times logged on/off site on our jobsheet.  It will also ensure that the engineer is not provided with the wrong advice (for example to request that he continues with a repair where the engineer is recommending the cost of repair is prohibitive, or to leave the printer in bits and leave site in anticipation of a return visit where your own preference may be to have the printer reassembled fully prior to leaving site).  Where you require further test prints to be carried out, the engineer can happily oblige while he is still on-site.  If any accidental damage has occurred, for which you believe our engineer to be responsible, then a note can be made on the jobsheet regarding this and RESGB can be contacted at the time such damage has occurred for a full report from yourself and the attending engineer. 

31.2.9  To follow due process if you need to amend required work, while our engineer is Onsite 


You should not invite our engineer to view or attend another printer while he is on site (unless already arranged and indicated on the jobsheet) without discussing it with RESGB first. All additional printers are billable separately and where an engineer is on site longer than scheduled this is unfair on our other customers who are awaiting a planned site visit. If our engineer has assisted you with the additional printer, then we will bill you at the normal callout and labour rate. However if you telephone us first to discuss, on 01256 783390 then we will always try to include your additional requirements as a planned call, which enables us to waive the callout fee normally applied, providing you with an appropriate cost benefit for a multiple-machine visit.

31.2.10  To follow due process to avoid unnecessary queries following an engineering visit


We cannot be held responsible following an engineering visit where you later have a query over actual parts fitted (since at the time of signing the jobsheet if you are unsure that any part has been replaced you may ask to see your original part prior to the engineer removing the old part off site) nor do we accept any query regarding whether the printer was in good working order at the time of leaving site (the engineer will print off a number of test prints, and if you are not satisfied with the number of prints, or have not seen sight of the test prints, then you must request a test print prior to signing off the jobsheet as you are confirming that the printer has tested OK), nor do we accept any queries over the time on site (where the time on site has been signed off as being accurate).  We also do not accept any damage incurred which you attribute to being the fault of our engineer where this is not specifically listed on the jobsheet or discussed with us while the engineer is still on-site so that we may ascertain the facts at the time of occurrence. For all other queries we ask that you contact us within 2 working days of the visit being carried out so that we can follow up any issues quickly for you (particularly while the job is still fresh in the mind of the engineer).


31.3 Understanding our Estimated Time of Attendance (ETA)


During the quotation and order process, RESGB will often provide an approximate ETA to attend your engineering call.  If you are not a contract customer, this is usually between 2-3 working days from the date that you placed your order, although timings vary according to workload, location and parts availability.  Where requested, our engineer will telephone on the day to provide a more accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to keep you better updated.  However, for the avoidance of doubt, where you do not have an annual support contract in place, then in all cases we shall only attend on a 'best effort' basis and such timings given prior to attending site must not be construed as forming part of the contract.  (Note: Customers with a separate contracted response time i.e. contract customers will receive priority over adhoc customer calls). 

If there are any restrictions regarding engineer visits which we need to be aware of (e.g. you close site at 3pm on Fridays, or the engineer is not to visit between 1pm-2pm), then you must let RESGB know beforehand, by email, so that the calls can be properly scheduled.  All abortive calls will be billable at the full callout rate + first hour on site.  This includes where customers have inadvertently provided the wrong site address on any of their correspondence surrounding the order which has meant that the engineer was inadvertently sent to the wrong site address.


31.4  Cancelling an engineering order

Once you have provided confirmation to proceed with the order, you must give us sufficient notice if you wish to cancel an engineering call, otherwise the call will be billable.  This means emailing engineering@hpplotter.co.uk by 4pm on the day PRIOR to the estimated attendance date.  Where notification is given after the 4pm cut-off time. we may, at our discretion, choose not to bill you if parts have not already been shipped and if the engineer has not already incurred any travel costs to attend site.  

Where parts have been shipped to your site to effect a repair, you will be billed for the shipping and collection of the parts which is a one-off fee of £24.50+VAT.  All parts must arrive back with us within 10 days from date of cancelling the order, and must be in good order, with all boxes unopened and parts unused - and in a condition which allows us to resell the parts in 'new' condition.  If original packaging is opened, parts used, or parts are returned damaged then you will be billed for the parts.  You may also choose to return the parts to us at your own cost, provided you use a signed-for courier or Royal Mail service and can prove delivery has been made if there is any cause for doubt regarding their return.  In this case you will only be billed £10.00+VAT to cover our initial shipping costs and packing.  Failure to return or allow us to collect our parts in a timely manner within 10 days from date of cancellation will mean that you have opted to retain the parts and will be billed for them in full. 


31.5  Controlling costs


You should inform RESGB by email, prior to the engineering visit, if you wish to cap costs on any repair.  For example, if you prefer the engineer to stop work at exactly 1 hour then this will be relayed back to our engineer via the jobsheet, and the engineer will not work outside of this time.  If he does, you will not be billed for the additional time.  You should make it clear whether you require the engineer to stop work with the printer fully reassembled or whether it is acceptable to you for the engineer to leave the printer disassembled.  If this is not clear then the engineer will automatically reassemble the printer within the timeframe given also.  In this way you can be guaranteed that engineering labour costs will not exceed the agreed time on site.  

Regardless of whether you have notified RESGB beforehand or not, you can also, at ANY point, request that our engineer stops work or does not fit any parts, or removes parts fitted if you have had a change of mind regarding the repair of the printer. However since we have especially assigned these parts for your job and incurred shipping costs to get them to you (and will waive all such costs if they are not required), you will need to cover our costs of shipping out and collecting the parts if you choose not to continue with fitting such parts that have been assigned to your call. This is a one-off fee of £24.50+VAT, noting always that you will be billed for all engineering labour and callout costs as specified and agreed beforehand. Should you, at a later time or date require the engineer to resume work we would need this clarified in writing. If you need the engineer to wait while you obtain authorisation then all on-site waiting time is billable.

For those parts that you have specifically requested to be fitted as part of the repair, should these not be required or should you change your mind about having them fitted, then you will receive a 20% restocking fee based on the RRP (which covers the fee imposed on us by HP Distribution for returning the parts) provided the parts are unopened and unused and HP Distribution accept them. Where specifically requested parts cannot be returned to HP Distribution then these parts will be charged in full. If you wish to know the cost of a repair at any point, then simply contact us on 01256 783390. You may wish to do this while our engineer is still on site, so that if your repair has exceeded your budget you may ask the engineer to remove any parts - excluding consumable items (unless the box is unopened) or parts that once fitted will render them second user e.g. tubes assembly where the tubes will be filled with ink. Where possible and applicable the engineer will remove any/all parts although in some cases the benefit of removing some parts is outweighed by the cost of the engineering time in which to remove them. In all cases you will still incur the engineering callout and labour costs and shipping costs.


31.6  Purchasing your own parts for a repair

You may arrange to purchase parts from another supplier rather than us, if you prefer, and our engineer will happily fit these for you while on site.  However if you have purchased the wrong part or if the wrong part arrives from your suppliers then any abortive engineering calls will still be billable at the full rate quoted.  In addition, where our engineer provides recommendations of probable parts required, until the part is replaced and the printer is running without fault, there can be no firm guarantees that the recommended part(s) will 100% resolve the issues you are having with your hardware equipment.  In many instances engineers attend with a number of parts in order to work through a fault.  Therefore, should you take it upon yourself to control the ordering and purchasing of any spare parts, then any issues surrounding the non-use or incorrect ordering of parts remains your responsibility. 


31.7  Time on/off site

Time on site commences from the time the engineer arrives at your premises and reports to reception or the security gates or knocks on your front door. Time off site is the time the engineer is able to leave site.  You should be aware that it is not the time that the engineer is able to commence work - since in some instances the engineer may be kept waiting for a prolonged period of time in reception or at the security gates, which is beyond our control.  


31.8  Jobsheet sign-off

After performing an engineering visit, the engineer will request that you sign off his jobsheet, which provides us with details about the work he has carried out, with a manual modification to any difference in printer model or serial number being made together with parts used and time on/off site. It is your responsibility to ensure that the person signing the jobsheet is authorised by your company to sign off the work and such signature will be deemed as authorised by us for the purposes of billing.

You should understand that signing off the jobsheet provides confirmation that our engineer has attended site and has carried out work on the required printer.  Your signature also attests that:

1.  the time on and off-site listed by the engineer is correct (see 8.6.4 for further details)

2.  the parts listed as being replaced by the engineer are correct (if you are unsure please ask the engineer to show you the old parts)

3.  the engineer was directed to, and worked on, the correct printer

4.  where the engineer has indicated on the jobsheet that at the end of the visit the printer tested OK, you are confirming that you have seen the test prints and/or do not require the engineer to print off any further test prints.  If you have not had the opportunity to see the test prints, or if you feel the test prints printed were inadequate, please request that the engineer print further test sheets off, so that you can be assured everything is working fine.  

Refusal to sign the jobsheet does not negate your requirements to pay for the visit at the agreed rate.  Times on/off site will be taken as those provided on the jobsheet by the engineer, and all parts fitted will be removed while the engineer is on site.  Should a revisit be required then this will be billed as a separate call with all costs outstanding to be settled in full whether on account or not.


31.9  Billing calculations for time on site

The minimum engineering time on site that is billable is 1 hour.  Where a call exceeds 1 hour the time charged will be calculated up to the nearest fifteen minutes (e.g. 1 hour 23 minutes equals 1 and a half hours billable time). 


31.10  In the event of dissatisfaction

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the engineering work carried out on your printer or with the parts/goods supplied and/or fitted or with the professional conduct of the engineer, where possible please ensure that you discuss this directly with the engineer while he is on site, so that he has an opportunity to explain or correct anything that you are unhappy with. If it cannot be resolved, or if you do not feel able to speak with the engineer directly then please contact us as a matter of urgency on 01256 783390, expressing any issues you may have, which we will action accordingly.


31.11  Ink leakage during repairs


Although unusual it is not unheard of for ink leaks to occur during a repair.  This has mainly occurred where a Customer is using either compatible or refilled cartridges or printheads, which can suddenly burst due to deterioration of the O-ring on the valve.  However, it can also be the case that an original HP ink or printhead has a faulty valve.  In both cases the simple act of the engineer removing the ink or printhead or attempting to reseat it as a normal part of a repair process (e.g. such as during a routine carriage belt replacement), will subsequently create an ink spray issue which can contaminate the printer, the engineer, or surrounding areas.  This can also apply to old Tubes Assemblies which have deteriorated at a juncture not immediately visible to the engineer and during test prints may suddenly spray ink at high pressure.  In both cases, the fault is not down to the negligence of the engineer but is an unfortunate event which is beyond the control of the attending engineer.  In this respect RESGB exclude any ink damage claims where any of the above cases can said to be true.


31.12  Payments

When an initial payment is taken by debit or credit card prior to an engineering visit, any balance due upon completion of the work will be taken from the same card (e.g. this will cover further parts or other supplied goods and any additional engineering callouts or time on site).  An invoice will be raised and emailed to you beforehand showing the amount due.  We will then process payment immediately.  Where payment is declined, we refer you to Section 13 above.


32.  Support Contract orders


You must ensure that any Post Warranty support contract purchased from us is purchased for a printer that is already in good working order.  Any contract callouts placed within 1 month from date of a Contract Purchase shall be checked by our engineers - and where the same fault can be linked to engineering diagnostics as being displayed prior to the purchase of a Support Contract, then such call outs, engineering costs and parts used under the Contract shall become billable in full.

All prices provided assume that you will pay using 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods (being: debit card, BACS, CHAPS, cash or cheque), for which you will receive a built-in discount. All customers opting to pay outside of the acceptable payment methods will need to cover the appropriate card charges at the rate charged to Resolution GB.

As a contract customer you may, from time to time, receive an invitation to receive 5% discount off your consumables. This discount only applies if payment is made by 1 of the 5 acceptable payment methods listed above. All other Terms are as per our Support Contract Terms and Conditions that were provided to you separately.

32.1  Cancellation of a Support Contract  

Once an order has been placed for a RESGB support contract (normally they have names like: Standard Support Contract, Support Plus Contract or Lite Contract) then we cannot accept cancellation of your order once cover has commenced, and the full amount will be billable. In exceptional circumstances we can consider a partial refund if you highlight you have mistakenly placed an order within the first 14 days where we have not already attended a callout under the contract or assisted you on the telephone regarding a printer issue. Any cancellation in the first 14 days will be offered an 11 month refund which is at the RESGB's Managing Director's discretion only. If you have organised a renewal prior to the start of the contract, and then changed your mind prior to the new contract starting, then a cancellation will be possible provided cover has not commenced. If you have purchased one of our own in-house contracts and find that during the term of the contract that you wish to upgrade your printer, then we will credit any full months left remaining on your contract (provided always that no contract callout has been made under the contract) and we will offset this credit against support cover purchased from us on your new printer.

Once an order has been placed for a third party support contract (such as a HP Carepack purchased directly from HP), then you should be aware that no refunds are offered by the manufacturers therefore once you instruct us to purchase cover, then all monies will need to be paid in full, with no opportunity for a refund or credit at any time even if you only have cover for 1 day before realising you have made a mistake. If you have stopped us prior to us purchasing the Carepack then we can refund you in full. 


33.  DesignJet Rental orders

We refer you to the following document which forms the full terms and conditions for equipment being rented from Resolution GB Limited  https://www.hpplotter.co.uk/sites/default/files/rentaldocuments/terms-and-conditions-for-rentals.pdf  Payments need to be made in advance for the following month. Where payment has been made for the collection at the outset of the rental, this is treated as a deposit payment only, unless it's a short rental of 1 month or less. Rentals over 1 month where the collection cost is much higher than originally quoted, will need to pay the difference in price. This is due to massive increases in this sector which cannot be controlled by Resolution GB Limited. 


Customers are also reminded that as a small micro business, we still have well over 5000 customers. It is the Customers responsibility to clearly notify RESGB of a change of address (Invoice and Shipping address), Change of accounts contact, Change of billing email address where all invoices/statements/notifications should be sent. If the customer has moved address and doesn't mention at the time of ordering that the address has changed or notified RESGB that the email address originally supplied to set up the 30 day credit account has changed (which is where all invoices are sent), then this may cause issues/delays/late payment fees/collection and/or redelivery fees.  

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