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Colour Technologies

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HP employ three main colour technologies which are well worth a mention on our website. 

  1. Professional Pantone Emulator
  2. Embedded Spectrophotometer
  3. Colour Layering Technology

Once again, not all HP Designjets are built the same and on the whole it is the Z series Designjets which offer the HP Professional Pantone Emulators and Embedded Spectrophotometers.

With regard to the Colour Layering Technology it tends to be a feature with many of the smaller home/office large format printers (e.g. Designjet 30, 70, 90, 110, 111, 120, 130 series) as well as the low to mid range technical printers (e.g. 5xx/8xx series, T610, T770, T1100, T1200) - but also includes some of the larger photographic printers (e.g. 5xxx series, Z5200).