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Electrosteric Encapsulation Technology (EET)

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The Chromatic Red ink was introduced with the HP Designjet Z3200 printers, in order to increase the colour gamut.

This HP pigment ink uses HP's proprietary Electrosteric Encapsulation Technology (EET) which optimises the pigment chemistry and ink properties.  Each pigment particle is surrounded with an electrically-charged polymer ("resin") coating.  Negative electrostatic charges within the resin layer produce a repulsion force between particles to minimise aggregation in the printer and on the print, so that the pigments form a smooth layer on photo papers to deliver excellent gloss uniformity.  Explained another way, when the ink vehicle is absorbed by or evaporated from the print medium, this resin encapsulates the pigments and forms a durable colorant film on the surface.

EET creates a stable dispersion of pigments in the ink to increase shelf and service life, improves ink jettability and helps to prevent pigment coalescence on the print surface to improve image quality.

This ink is also produces water-resistant prints that resist fading for more than 200 years on a range of HP media (interior display away from direct sunlight). 

With the HP 72 Chromatic Red ink, HP Designjet Z3200 printers are able to deliver a broad colour gamut to produce exquisite colour and black and white prints for photographic and digital fine art applications, and provide coverage up to 95% of PANTONE colours for graphic arts. 

Chromatic red ink technology