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Error Codes

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HP Designjets system error codes are displayed in several different ways, printer model dependant.  Older wide format printers often have light systems or a series of bars which need to be interpreted, while other models provide 4 or 6+ digit codes to explain the issue.  Most printers have an error code log documenting a history of error codes present on your printer.

Error Codes - Rules of Thumb:

  1. power the printer OFF and ON again to see if a System Error disappears
  2. if your printer advises that you have an ink or printhead problem, then try replacing these first
  3. check out our YouTube videos for lots of good help, tips and advice
  4. if liquid has spilt inside your printer, don't switch it on until it dries out or you risk blowing the main board/electric shock
  5. if ink is leaking switch the main OFF, roll the printer onto some plastic sheeting and await an engineer
  6. if you have no power at all to the printer, check your fuse in the plug first
  7. when logging a callout, have the error code and Designjet model number to hand in order to receive accurate advice

Self help - Error Code advice

Please click here to view error codes for your individual HP Designjet printer

HP Designjet Error Codes