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HP ePrint and Share

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What is it?

HP ePrint and Share is a free Web printing solution that lets you automatically manage content online.  This means that you can print from a conference room, job site or even from home via the free web service which makes it easy to access and print large format documents using your tablet, smartphone, laptop or printer touchscreen.

What do I need?

It requires an internet connection and can be downloaded without charge from here.  You need to set up a free HP Designjet ePrint & Share account and you need a connected internet-capable device.  When using the HP Designjet ePrint and Share mobile app, a compatible Apple iOS or Android device and internet connection are required.  

How to Guide

HP have compiled a 'How to Guide' which is useful if you have just finished setting up your account and devices or you are a seasoned HP Designjet ePrint & Share user.  You can download this without charge from here


HP ePrint and Share