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HP Web Jetadmin

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What is it?

HP Web Jetadmin is an award winning, industry leading print management solution which has been designed for those businesses who manage more than 15 printers in order to make life easier.  It is a single web-based print management tool where a user has the power to install, configure, monitor, troubleshoot and manage all the printers and print infrastructure - from wherever they are, and whenever they want.  In other words, you don't have to be right next to the printer to know what's wrong or what's needed. 

HP web jetadmin

What does it do?

HP Web Jetadmin allows you to improve productivity and reduce operation costs.  The HP Web Jetadmin 10.3 delivers all that you need to optimise printer utilisation, minimise operating costs and streamline printing supplies management.  For a full overview visit HPs website by clicking here.  Features include:

  • quickly and easily configure and update fleet-wide network settings with a single, web-based interface 
  • support for a broad set of operating systems
  • auto-discover new IP addresses
  • set group policies
  • perform power cycles for single events or on a schedule
  • configure or change network settings at deployment or after network changes
  • quickly discover imaging and printing devices within the network and easily add them to the fleet
  • maximise the imaging and printing budget with effective, efficient management and awareness
  • utilise HP Web Jetadmin to help ensure the device fleet is well managed, protected and organised
  • easily view and manage stored print jobs on HP printing devices to ensure printing resources are used wisely
  • control IT costs and make better management decisions with accurate reporting
  • log all actions to a central file
  • create graphical device maps to improve IT support
  • use charts to assess device, workgroup or system status and performance
  • get a comprehensive view of activity across the printing environment
  • transfer database logs to a file
  • monitor device and supplies status efficiently through custom polling and enhanced alerts 
  • access key info on a single screen showing details about status, configuration, alerts, groups, reports, supplies and troubleshooting
  • take advantage of fleet-management functions such as report generation, PC-connected printer discovery, device discovery by hostname, authentication management, group policy setting, alert and static polling, multithreading and supplies management

Where can I get it?

You can download the HP Web Jetadmin today without charge from here