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When it comes to recycling we like to think we're doing our bit.  In addition to using solar power, refurbishing old printers, breaking down obsolete printers for elusive spare parts, we've also set up a scheme offering free ink and paper to UK residents, to avoid it going into landfill.  If you want to help (or you want a freebie!) please click here for more details.

While we primarily sell "new" printers to customers, we never forget our old customers who have bought machines from us and we continue repairing and supporting their old Designjets long after HP have stopped manufacturing spare parts.

This part of our business also allows us to sell fully refurbished (or nearly new Designjets) at affordable prices - ideal for students or new business start-ups.  More importantly,  we only refurbish those printers which can be supported for the next 1-2 years minimum (unlike some resellers).

This area of our website gives you lots of recycling information, hints and tips which we hope you enjoy!


HP Designjet Recycling - ink and media