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In order to extend the life of your printer parts or consumables, we've pulled together a few key items which should be considered - all of which can be found in our shop (under accessories) - they should keep you going that little bit longer before you need the next service or repair:

Designjet Dust Cover   Belkin Anti surge   HP Designjet Oil Applicator Kit

Designjet Dust covers

Designjet Dust Covers reduce the
amount of dust and debris getting
into your printer, which increases the
life span of all maintenance kit parts.
Handy pocket and free service
record card included.



Surge Protection

6-Way or Single Belkin Anti Surge
provides surge protection for your
large format printer. Simple to fit, 
cheap to buy, but helps avoid large
unexpected repair bills. A no


Applicator Oil Kit

Applicator Oil Kit allows you to
lubricate the slide rails to reduce
friction on the Y-Axis as part of the 
general maintenance that you
should by carrying out regularly
on your HP Designjet printer.

 Media covers        

Media covers

Media Covers provide easy ID and
tagging of all large format media to
avoid media damage and wastage
and also to stop dust being pulled 
the printer.  Ergonomic design
allows for easy fit, while bright
colours enable quick identification;
ideal for the sight impaired.