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We love a useful video!  We have a large selection of videos for you which you can view here

The real story behind our videos

Tony Bray

Many of our earlier videos were created by our former MD Tony Bray.  While battling cancer he embarked upon "Project Video" to leave us all with the benefit of his vast array of knowledge.  It was a project he could pick up inbetween his various chemo sessions and operations and was something he enjoyed doing.  He'd often come into the office and drag our current MD Nicola into the office next door and go through videos he thought would be useful and she'd become the impromptu cameraman.  After a few videos, Nicola suggested he cover some basic tasks like 'how to fit an ink or printhead' - and he laughed.  "Who's going to watch that?!" he asked.   To his surprise the simple videos were the most popular and he stopped laughing and worked to make us a whole lot more.  

We're now continuing with 'Project Video' so you'll begin to see many more new videos in the months to come.

Regrettably we lost Tony to cancer in November 2011 but thankfully his video library lives on and you'll find many useful tips and hints across a wide range of Designjet models.   If you do happen to watch a video please give it the thumbs up, or leave a nice comment.  We always read what you say and love getting feedback.  If you have a hearing impairment and need any subtitles created for any of our videos, then please let us know and we'll do our best to create these for you.  Thank you for watching!




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