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What is a Workstation?

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A DEFINITION: A workstation is the fastest, most expandable, and most reliable computer available, offering a higher performance than mainsteam Personal Computers (PC's) with one or more high resolution displays and a faster processor.

A workstation also has greater multi-tasking capability because of additional random access memory (RAM), drives and drive capacity, together with higher-speed graphics adapters and more connected peripherals.

In essence it is a system engineered to enable processor, memory, graphics, operating system and applications to work together seamlessly, providing system-wide efficiency and superb expandability.

Workstations have been designed to exceed the most demanding situations in industry and fuel innovation in the fields of architecture, engineering, education, financial services, government, life sciences, media, entertainment and more, around the World. Typical applications include engineering simulation (e.g. computational electromagnetics or structural dynamics), animation and rendering of images, mathematical plots and 3D mechanical design.