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ColorPro Technology

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What is it?

This is a technology which relates to uncoated papers treated with ColorPro Technology, which is specifically designed and optimised for HP pigment inks (and HP Inkjet Web Presses). 

ColorPro technology has to meet a strict set of quality specifications with performance criteria such as black optical density, colour gamut, line edge acuity, colour-to-colour bleed.  ColorPro papers use additives that interact with pigment based inks.  Unlike off-line coating processes, ColorPRO additives are integrated into the paper-making process to provide precise control over ink behaviour at the paper surface.  As the ink penetrates the paper, the colorant is immobilised at the surface to provide higher black and colour optical density, controlled dot gain, minimal feathering and reduced colour-to-colour bleed. 

This specific interaction between pigment-based inks and papers with ColorPRO Technology provides a unique combination of print quality characteristics and controlled ink absorption.

Under the microscope - ColorPro technology

What does it do?

ColorPro Technology provides a dramatic difference to prints which is easily visible to the human eye (see image comparison below).  HP employ this technology with various papers including the Universal Bond Paper and Bright White Inkjet Paper which delivers:

  • professional quality and striking results for eye catching graphics and presentations
  • sharper, finer detail - for realistic images and precise lines
  • an extended range of colours - for high impact results
  • high quality performance at production speed

ColorPro papers take the trial and error out of getting optimum quality and consistent results, enabling less downtime, higher productivity and lower overall costs of printing.  With ColorPRO papers, HP enables a complete solution - optimised with Original HP inks and HP Designjet printers - to meet the needs of graphics and technical applications.

HP ColorPro Technology


















How does ColorPro paper compare?

Given that HP coated paper provides similar properties to low cost paper with ColorPro Technology (only more so!), it's useful to look at comparable large format paper to see how it compares.  HP chose to view Oce coated and uncoated paper to compare the difference and the results are impressive.  Both the HP Universal Bond Paper and HP Bright White Paper (uncoated with ColorPro Technology) outshone the Oce uncoated paper and was almost equal to Oce coated paper.

ColorPro Technology compared against Oce paper