HP Coated Paper 90gsm - 36" x 91.4m (C6980A)

914mm x 91.4m - high-quality consistent results for colour accurate everyday use

Price £83.00
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Key Features:

Roll or stack your time-sensitive documents right off the printer. Ideal for colour-accurate everyday prints, working comps and design proofs to fine line drawings and illustrations. This PEFC certified, premium, bright white paper is easy to handle and provides high-quality, consistent results. An enhanced coating provides ink abrasion resistance to help you deliver on quick turnaround times. Use dye-based inks.

Ideal for:

Engineering (CAD), architecture (AEC) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals, graphic designers and print service providers.

Shipping Dimensions (w x d x h) & Weight:

949 x 152 x 152mm & 11.94kg

Also known as: HPS-000164, HPC6980A.

This product is compatible with:

Designjet 1050C 36'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 1050C Plus 36'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 1055CM 36'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 1055CM Plus 36" (A0) Printer , Designjet 2000CP 36" (A0) Printer , Designjet 2500CP 36" (A0) printer , Designjet 2800CP 36" (A0) Printer , Designjet 4000 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 4000 PostScript 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 4020 42" (A0) Printer , Designjet 4020 PostScript 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 4500 42" (A0) Printer , Designjet 4500 MFP 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 4500 PostScript 42" (A0) Printer , Designjet 4520 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 4520 HD MFP 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 4520 PostScript 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5000 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5000 60'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5000 PostScript 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5000 PostScript 60'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5500 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5500 60'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5500 PostScript 42'' (A0) Printer , Designjet 5500 PostScript 60'' (A0) Printer , Designjet Multi-roll feeder for 1000 plus series, Designjet T1100 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T1100 MFP 42" (A0) Printer , Designjet T1100 PostScript 44'' (A0) Printer , Designjet T1120 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T1120 HD MFP 44'' (A0) Printer , Designjet T1120 PostScript 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T1120 SD MFP 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T1200 PostScript 44" (A0) Printer , Designjet T1200 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T1200 HD MFP 44'' (A0) Printer , Designjet T1300 44'' (A0) Printer , Designjet T1300 PostScript 44'' (A0) Printer , Designjet T1500 36" (A0) ePrinter, Designjet T1500 PostScript 36" (A0) ePrinter, Designjet T2300 eMFP 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T2300 PostScript eMFP 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T2500 eMultifunction (A0) Printer, Designjet T2500ps eMultifunction (A0) Printer, Designjet T520 36" (A0) ePrinter, Designjet T610 44'' (A0) Printer , Designjet T7100 42'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T770 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T770 HD 44'' (A0) Printer, Designjet T790 44" (A0) ePrinter, Designjet T790PS 44" (A0) ePrinter , Designjet T920 36" (A0) ePrinter, Designjet T920 PostScript 36" (A0) ePrinter, Designjet Z2100 24" (A1) Photo Printer, Designjet Z2100 44" (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z2100 44" (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z2100 44" (A0) Photo Printer , Designjet Z3100 44" (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z3100 PostScript GP 44'' (A0) Printer , Designjet Z3200 44" (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z3200 44" (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z3200PS 44" (A0) Photo Printer , Designjet Z3200PS 44" (A0) Photo Printer , Designjet Z5200PS 44" (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z6100 42'' (A0) Photo Printer , Designjet Z6100 60'' (A0) Photo Printer , Designjet Z6100 PostScript 42'' (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z6100 PostScript 60'' (A0) Photo Printer , Designjet Z6200 42" (A0) Photo Printer, Designjet Z6200 60" (A0) Photo Printer.

Download Specification: Click Here

HP Media & Paper Warranty

HP warrants to you, the end user customer, that HP`s large format printing materials are free from defects in materials and workmanship.
Should the Manufacturer receive notice of such defects during the warranty period (up to one year from date of purchase), HP will either replace products which prove to be defective with the same or comparable product at the Manufacturer’s option or may elect to refund your purchase price.


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