DesignJet Z6ps T8W18A 44" (A0) Printer & V-Trimmer

Handle complex files quickly with greater security, enhanced print quality and V-Trimmers

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HP DesignJet Z6ps T8W18A 44
Price £2,838.00
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What's In The Box

HP DesignJet Z6 PostScript Printer, Printheads, Introductory Ink Cartridges - with 69ml in each cartridge, Printer stand and media bin, spindle, quick reference guide, 3 inch core adapter, Setup poster, Power cord

Actual Dimensions (w x d x h) & Weight:

1802 x 695 x 998mm & 86kg

Shipping Dimensions (w x d x h) & Weight:

1950 x 766 x 718mm & 123kg

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Key Features:

* Vertical Trimmer

* Dual Roll - switch easily between different size rolls or different types of media

* 6 inks & 3 printheads

* PostScript capabililty - print multiple files all at the same time

* Faster job processing - complex files printed in just seconds!

* Greater printing quality (a colour quality matching 8 ink machines)

* High security to protect you from unauthorised access and more

* Print on paper from 80gsm up to 500gsm

* Chromatic Red ink which delivers the best results for the colours in the orange and red spectrum

* Built-in Densitometer

* Print on all media up to 44" wide

* Line accuracy of +/- 0.1% making it attractive for both technical printing AND graphic arts printing

* Lower cost per ml of ink (compared against T series printers)

* Pigment based UV stabilised and Water Resistant inks

* 128 GB Virtual memory (based on 4GB RAM) and 500GB self-encrypting hard disk

* Free HP Applications Centre software

Video Link

HP DesignJet Z6 video

More Information

Firstly, this printer offers greater print quality than any other 6 ink machine currently - and matches the capabilities of 8 ink machines. This is due to newly developed printheads which enable you to print up to 20% faster than say the previous hybrid printers (Z2600 and Z5600). These printheads have 2,400 nozzles per inch and use a dual drop weight technology for ultimate precision. This means HP no longer need to use Light Cyan or Light Magenta inks to achieve the widest colour gamuts. Ultimately these new state-of-the-art printheads will give you better and clearer readability, high contrast colour with greater definition and richer dark colours with sharper details. You can also enjoy smoother gradients for challenging colour combinations with the new "HP Pixel Control".

Next, HP have addresssed the issue of processing speed and also increased the print speed (up to 85.1m2 per hour). To address the processing speed, they've installed an Adobe PDF Print Engine which enables the most complex files to process within seconds and thereby freeing up your computer resources. 

Then HP addressed the biggest current issue for printer owners today - which is to ensure greater and enhanced security levels. HP have installed various security features on this printer which will protect it from unauthorised access with HP Secure Boot, Whitelisting, and also added an Encrypted Hard Disk. You can also protect your documents and preserve confidentiality with authentication solutions like PIN printing and card readers (available from third parties) and billable solutions such as HP JetAdvantage Security Manager. 

Finally (and the most exciting addition) you have a Vertical Trimmer - this again is the very latest in cutting edge design (if you'll pardon the pun!). The vertical trimmer will give you borderless prints and enable you to trim long banners or panoramic photos with precision which will be free from human error. The cutter is a user replaceable part with a life expectancy of 7,580 x A0 prints. For avoidance of doubt, the V-Trimmer can only be used in conjunction with media rolls (not sheet feed) because of the tension required. The minimum cut needs to allow a 10mm strip either side of the media width but the whole process of cutting your media down to a required width is now "nice and simple". 


Download Series Specification: Click Here

1 year Printer Hardware HP Manufacturer Warranty

The HP 1 year Hardware Maintenance Onsite Support cover included with your Designjet purchase provides the following:

Service level

  • Standard Material Handling
  • Global coverage
  • NextAvail TechResource Remote
  • Standard Office Hours, Standard Office Days
  • NextAvail TechResource Onsite
  • No Usage Limitation
  • Next Cov Day Onsite Response
  • Standard Parts Logistics


  • Onsite Support
  • Parts and Material provided
  • Hardware Problem Diagnosis

The Limited Warranty terms and conditions for most HP-branded options (HP Options) are as set forth in the Limited Warranty applicable to the HP Option and are included in the HP Option product packaging.

If your HP Option is installed in an HP Hardware Product, HP may provide warranty service for either the period specified in the warranty documents (HP Option Limited Warranty Period) that shipped with the HP Option or for the remaining warranty period of the HP Hardware Product in which the HP Option is being installed, whichever period is the longer unless stated otherwise in the "Limited warranty period" section.

In all cases, the warranty period of the HP Option will not exceed three (3) years from the date you purchased the HP Option. The HP Option Limited Warranty Period starts from the date of purchase from HP or an HP authorized reseller. Your dated sales or delivery receipt, showing the date of purchase of the HP Option, is your warranty start date. See your HP Option Limited Warranty for more details. Non-HP options are provided “AS IS”. However, non-HP manufacturers and suppliers may provide warranties directly to you.


Sorry, there are currently no papers listed for the DesignJet Z6ps T8W18A 44" (A0) Printer & V-Trimmer at the moment.

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HP 746 Universal Printhead (P2V25A)

HP 746 Universal Printhead (P2V25A)

Original HP Printhead - Universal - P2V25A


Sorry, there are currently no accessories listed for the DesignJet Z6ps T8W18A 44" (A0) Printer & V-Trimmer at the moment.

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Spare Parts

Sorry, there are currently no spare parts listed for the DesignJet Z6ps T8W18A 44" (A0) Printer & V-Trimmer at the moment.

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Support Packages

Sorry, there are currently no support packages listed for the DesignJet Z6ps T8W18A 44" (A0) Printer & V-Trimmer at the moment.

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