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How to clean the exterior of your Designjet printer

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General exterior areas of Designjet

To clean the outside of the printer (and all other parts of the printer that you regularly touch as part of normal operation such as ink cartridge drawer handles), use a damp sponge or a soft cloth and a mild household cleaner such as non-abrasive liquid soap.

Warning:  To avoid an electric shock, make sure that the printer is turned OFF and unplugged before cleaning.  Do not let water get inside the printer.  Do not use abrasive cleaners on the printer.

If liquid gets into the printer - do not attempt to switch the printer on.  This may blow the electronics of the printer.  You may be lucky that if you give it time to dry out naturally your printer might not be damaged - failing that, contact us and we can have our engineer attend site to resolve the issue.

Cleaning the Designjet Platen (area where the media is fed out after printing)

Sometimes the platen becomes dirty and will leave marks on your paper if not cleaned regularly.  HP offer the following instructions on their Designjet 4000 printer series, which can be applied for most Designjet models:

  1. With a dry brush, remove ink deposits from the cutter groove - avoiding the rubber wheels inset into the platen. Ensure you do not use commercial cleaners or abrasive cleaners.  Do not wet the platen directly because you will leave too much moisture behind. 
  2. Again, with a dry brush remove ink from the platen surface.
  3. Use a clean, absorbent, lint-free cloth, slightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol, to wipe off loosened ink deposits from the platen.  
  4. Do not wet the rubber wheels at all (not even with the cloth).
  5. Clean the exposed part of the wheels with a dry cloth (ideally you should clean the whole circumference of these wheels)

Cleaning the exterior of your HP Designjet printer