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Storing and moving your printer

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If you need to move your printer or store it for an extended period of time, you need to prepare it properly to avoid possible damage to it.  

HP Advice

HP offer the following guidelines for Designjet 500/800 printers and the basic principals apply to most large format printers:

  1. Warning - it is important that you do not remove the ink cartridges and printheads before moving or storing the printer
  2. Make sure that no paper is loaded
  3. Make sure that the printhead carriage is located in the service station
  4. Make sure that the front panel displays 'Ready' then switch off the power at the on/off switch on the front of the printer
  5. Also switch off the power switch at the rear of the printer
  6. Disconnect any cables connected to the printer: parallel interface, USB interface or LAN connection
  7. Repack the printer in its original packaging. Refer to Assembly/Repacking instructions available on the HP Website for details
  8. If you have to move your printer you will need the original packaging. If necessary you can order a kit of the packaging materials. Contact HP support and they will supply it to you. If necessary they will repackage the printer for you
HP Designjet Dust Covers and Media Covers - storage and protection

Additional HP Plotter Advice

  1. Your plotter should be maintained in its normal upright working orientation when being moved.  Some designjets should be fully de-installed before being moved because they have a spittoon which fills with ink.  In such cases an engineer attends site, de-installs the printer and then re-installs it in the new location.  We've known of customers moving their Designjets, tipping them up (e.g. to go downstairs or when loading onto a van) resulting in ink spillage from the spittoons into the finer workings of the printer.  In some cases this has caused extensive damage to sensitive electronic components resulting in costly repairs Request a quote
  2. The wheels on your Designjet are not designed to be used over rough ground or concrete and will easily buckle or become damaged.  While you can wheel the Designjet through an office environment across carpet or tiles, when outside, ensure that the Designjet is lifted to avoid wheel damage
  3. The Designjet can be easily transported on it's stand when placed inside a large courier van, provided that it is fully strapped down and protected by the removal company.  Some smaller Designjets can be removed from their stands and placed into a small transit van
  4. Prior to moving a Designjet into a new location it's best to check the size of doorways and lifts and turning circles - especially if the printer needs to be lifted by hand into place (some Designjets are extremely heavy - for example the T2300 eMFP will be too heavy and dangerous for 2 men to lift up a flight of stairs)
  5. When storing a printer if you do not have the original packaging then we recommend protecting it with a Printer Dust Cover